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DigiVisi Ltd is a leading SEO Company in Kent formed by an SEO specialist with over 8-years of experience ranking local, national and e-commerce businesses on Google. Our SEO Services in Kent are tailored packages to your budget and requirements, contract-free and come with a page one rank guarantee (where we’ll work for free).

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Choosing the Right SEO Service in Kent for Your Goals

I Need Enquiries Now

If you need enquiries now, search engine optimisation is not the best service for you at this moment in time. This is because it can take 3 to 6 months to gain a high position in the search results where your website will be clicked on by potential customers. Instead, our PPC Management for Small Business is a better solution as it involves Google PPC.

I Can Wait for 3 to 6 Months for New Enquiries

If you can wait for 3 to 6 months for new enquiries via your website, our SEO Packages for Small Business is the right solution for you. Starting from £97 a month, we offer various packages for different monthly budgets. These packages are designed to help you rank in one area and multiple services.

I Want Enquiries from Multiple Towns

If you’re already performing well in your own town, and you’re thinking about expanding to multiple other towns, then our Multi-Location Add-On is a brilliant way to skyrocket enquiries. This is an add-on to the above search engine optimisation packages but it can be offered separately if your website’s technically sound.

Benefits of Our Kent SEO Services

Increase Your Website Traffic

Kent SEO enables your website to gain free traffic from Google Search because your website will be visible to potential customers at each stage of their buying journey.

Our search engine optimisation services involve creating content that resonates with your ideal customer when they’re seeking information about your products or service to content that turns them into paying customers once they’ve absorbed all of the information and compared you to your competitors.

Each piece of content that we create for your targeting various keywords that relate to your goods and services will result in more website traffic, which increases the likelihood of gaining more leads.

Kent SEO Company Getting More Website Traffic
SEO Services Kent Enabling Phone Call Enquiries

Increase Your Enquiries and Sales

We’ll start by targeting transactional keywords, which are typically searched by your potential clients who are ready to pay for your goods or services. It means you could see an influx of enquiries once your web pages targeting these keywords gain a high position on the first page.

Over time, our SEO services will turn your website into an information hub for potential buyers at the start of their journey. So, by the time they’re ready to buy, they’ll have less objection to choosing you over a competitor whose content they’ve not read.

As a result, you’ll experience an improved conversion rate, which means even more of your website traffic will become customers.

Increase Your Profits

There are hundreds of softwares to use to improve your search engine rankings. From all-in-one tools to dedicated software for various aspects of SEO. If you tried them all to narrow down to the best, and spent a lot of time in the process doing it, your costs would be exceptionally high.

To save you money and remain a competitive SEO company, we’ve already done it. We’ve invested thousands of pounds and spent countless hours testing various SEO software and tools to form our toolbox. Our toolbox, along with the hours we spend on client websites, saves you a huge amount of money.

In addition, our toolbox allows us to optimise sites to the extent that your competitors find it difficult to match in order to rank above you. For that reason, our clients tend to perform highly in search engines for years following our service.

SEO Company Kent Helping Businesses Be More Profitable

Breakdown of Our Kent SEO Services

Some clients prefer to invest in Kent SEO on an ad-hoc basis, whereby they select one of the services below at a time when it suits their business. However, most clients prefer low-cost monthly packages: SEO Packages for Small Business.

Keyword Research

We’ll use a range of tools to find keywords for blog content, and service or product pages, so that you know that the content you write is targeting a particular keyword or set of keywords.


We’ll create better content than your competitors that targets a range of keywords to drive traffic to your website, whether it be potential customers who are researching or ready to buy.


We’ll edit your image data to support your web pages ability to rank for your target keywords in your preferred area. This includes adding appropriate keywords and geographic coordinates.

Website Speed

We’ll improve your page load speeds as much as we can to enable your website to load within a second on mobile and desktop searches, so you don’t deter prospective customers.

Website Structure

We’ll improve the structure of your website so users and Googlebot can easily navigate to find the right content while correctly passing authority between your pages to support their rankings.

Internal Linking

We’ll utilise all the opportunities on your website to increase the links between all of your internal pages to help users navigate and to pass authority between pages to enable them to rank higher.

Link Building

We’ll build links to your website from relevant blogs and blog posts to build your website’s authority allowing you to target more competitive keywords with higher search volumes.

Local Citations

We’ll prove to Google on your behalf that you operate a genuine business in your area by publishing your details in up to 160 local business directories and 650 UK newspapers.

Would You Like a Free Video Review of Your Website?

 Most Kent SEO agencies offer a free SEO audit or a free consultation. These take seconds to run and offer very limited value unless you know how to fix the issues yourself. So, we’re offering you a free video review of your website instead. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How many times your main keywords are searches
  • Competition levels to achieve a high search ranking for the keywords
  • How your website is performing for the keyword in the search results
  • Issues with your web page layout that could be effecting conversions
  • How your web page structure could be improved to increase rankings
  • Quality of your content against your competitors and tips to improve
  • A summary of the good, the not-so-good, and steps forward

Types of SEO Services Kent

Whether you require local SEO for targeting one or multiple local areas, national SEO for popular search terms, or eCommerce SEO to sell your products to a bigger market, our SEO services include everything.

From technical SEO like structured data and site speed to content marketing like blogging and digital PR to improve your website’s visibility on search engines like Google and other search engines like Bing for keywords with good search volume.

This is why it’s best to choose a Kent SEO agency with expertly designed packages to make your SEO campaign a success.

Local SEO

This is one of the most popular SEO services in Kent. Ideal for local businesses, our local SEO services involve creating a customised local SEO campaign that aims to improve your organic traffic from local search results by improving your search visibility on search engines like Google for local intent keywords.

For example, appearing higher on a Google search engine results page for “Your Service Your Town”. Search engines have slightly different ranking factors, but they all require a similar SEO strategy that involves keyword research, competitor analysis, content marketing, and building backlinks from your local community such as other Kent businesses.

National SEO

This search engine optimisation service enables businesses with ambitious plans to achieve the first position in the search results for national keywords. For example, “Your Service”. An SEO agency that isn’t sure how to research keywords for a business determined to national search visibility,

These types of keywords are like pots of gold, but they’re incredibly difficult to achieve without our all-in-one, tried-and-tested proven strategy to gain traction nationally. This SEO strategy involves primarily building quality backlinks to your website.

eCommerce SEO

Selling products online is an amazing market to operate within when your website does all the work for you. The beauty is that there are thousands of long-tail keywords that competitors aren’t targeting that are worth more than platinum. We’ll help you grab ahold of these valuable terms so you can capitalise.

Case Studies
SEO & PPC Internet Marketing Services

Local SEO Company Kent

+681% in Website Visitors

“Since mid-February and following completion of your SEO enhancements on my website, my firm has received significantly more new enquiries and potential clients. Thanks Nick for your expert advice and for working your magic! :-)”
National SEO Company Kent

+448% in Website Visitors

“The phone has been ringing and 50% of these leads have turned into jobs I’ve been able to complete with my locksmithing skillset! 😄”
eCommerce SEO Company Kent

+12,083% in Website Visitors

“I don’t know what we’d do without you, Nick! We trust you completely. Everything you’ve said and done has resulted in amazing things happening. We’re selling hundreds of items every month, which is amazing considering we only sold a few each month before we used you.”

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