7 Local SEO Backlinks

by | Dec 15, 2021

Local businesses need “votes of confidence” from other websites created by building local SEO backlinks. Google practically ignored websites with no links and poor quality links. Here are sevens ways you can create local SEO backlinks.


Club Sponsorships

Sponsoring a club, usually, a sports club, is one of the easiest ways to get a backlink. It doesn’t take long to negotiate with the club’s sponsorship volunteer, and there’s often a range of options at different price points. You’ll need to renew every year, though. 

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Event Sponsorships

Sponsoring an event ranges from community events like festivals and carnivals to industry exhibitions. Most events offer sponsors a link back to their website, usually on the homepage. Not only that, you get promotions leading up to the event and throughout the day(s) of the event. Like with club sponsorships, you’ll need to renew for every occasion, if it’s annually.


Local Business Directories

Adding your business to local business directories is an excellent signal to Google that your business operates in a particular area. The most important factor to consider is the accuracy and consistency of NAP (Name, Address and Phone). These details for your business must be correct and the same on every directory. For example, you should avoid switching between your mobile and landline number. Choose one and stick with it. 

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Niche Business Directories

Similar to local business directories, niche business directories only contain business listings of the same or similar businesses. For example, carpet cleaners. Or only businesses with a physical presence in a particular town, city, county or region. For example, London. 

Business Associations

Almost every business has some kind of association it can join. These are not only great for building trust amongst potential customers but for gaining a backlink from the association’s website. Some businesses have an ample number of associations to join. If that’s the case for you, go ahead and join them all.


Business Partnerships

Business partnerships could be as simple as you, your family and friends linking to each other’s websites, especially if they’re all in the same area. It could be more strategic by linking to only complementary businesses (share the same customers, but solve a different problem). For example, a mobile barber or hairdresser linking to a mobile masseuse.

Donating to Charity

Donating to charity is a great act of kindness, which you can do more of if you negotiate with them to link to your website. As your website climbs up the search results, your income will likely increase, and you could use some of this additional income to increase your donations. 


Local businesses need backlinks to climb the search engines. The seven easiest ways to build local backlinks include club sponsorships, event sponsorships, local business directories, niche business directories, business associations, business partnerships, and donating to charity.