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“I don’t know what we’d do without you, Nick! We trust you completely. Everything you’ve said and done has resulted in amazing things happening. We’re selling hundreds of items every month, which is amazing considering we only sold a few each month before we used you.”
Keith Dillon

Owner, Darlington Diecast Ltd

The Problem

Darlington Diecast was a new diecast eCommerce website that aimed to sell diecast vehicles of all conditions to collectors and enthusiasts throughout the UK. 

Before June 2021, Darlington Diecast heavily invested in pay-per-click with Google Ads, but realised that they weren’t getting a return-on-investment. We decided to help them setup Google Shopping to reduce their advertising spend before commencing on SEO.

Darlington Diecast had over 800 products listed on their website that included various images. However, the descriptions were poor, if any at all. This not only affect the Google Ads performance, but their SEO too.

Total Traffic from its Inception
No Visitors Without Us

Darlington Diecast Traffic Growth

The Solution

One of the main problems were to do with a lack of content about the diecast vehicles on sales and helpful diecast vehicle information. Therefore, we found keywords to group products into categories. For instance, “Vintage Diecast Cars” and “James Bond Diecast Cars”.

Darlington Diecast’s website was optimised for a range of popular categories, particularly TV & Film. This involved creating content around the category whether a diecast manufacturer, vehicle brand, or theme. However, we avoid writing product descriptions in this case because they tended to be one-off items.

In addition to the technical and content aspects of optimisation, we leveraged online collectors’ communities to spread the name of Darlington Diecast for link building purposes, which included blogs and forums.