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“I used Nick to optimise my website having used cheaper alternatives that turned out to be utterly useless. He reviewed my website and showed me why it wasn’t ranking. I think it was only about a month after the optimisation started that my website started ranking. It’s now in the top three and 80% of my customers find me on Google. 100% worthwhile investment!”
Chris Holmes

Owner, Emerald School of Motoring

The Problem

Emerald School of Motoring is a driving school offering manual and automatic driving lessons to residents of Herne Bay, Kent. 

Chris relaunched his business using DIY digital marketing tools to realise that it seems easy to do, but the results told a different story. So, he reached out for professional SEO Services Kent.

Emerald School of Motoring had lots of great pictures of his manual and automatic vehicles and some pass learner, but these were unoptimised. In addition, he had content about the vehicles, but not necessarily the local area. 

Video Testimonial

The Solution

We collated all the images of the vehicles and passed learner drivers, and optimised them with keywords and geo-location data. These were uploaded to the homepage as fixed images and in sliders. Most importantly, these were added to the Google Business Listing over a period of time.

In addition to complete image optimisation, we added local content throughout the site. For example, we mentioned certain areas were learner drives would visit and references to road characteristics like the speed bumps along promenade or the fish from the nearby fish market.

Keyword Performance

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