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“I’ve been working with Nick at DigiVisi for about a year. Nick is good fun to work with, which is important for me as a self-employed person. As importantly, his approach is professional, insightful and detailed across the whole SEO and PPC space. He is responsive to ad hoc communication and requirements which I appreciate. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Julien Mills

Managing Director, Molae Properties Ltd

The Problem

Molae Properties Ltd is a leading property developer and landlord buying homes below market value from individuals and businesses that require a fast sale.

In the past, a former SEO agency had caused a number of technical problems on Molae Properties Ltd website, which impacted their organic and paid advertising performance. 

Molae Properties Ltd naturally made changes on their website since their inception in the early 2000s, which led to a poor user experience with broken links, missing resources, and confusing navigation.

In addition to SEO, Molae Properties Ltd ideas to stay ahead of the competition and needed support and encouragement. 

Business Introduction Video
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The Solution

We worked with Julien on a weekly basis via Google Meets to discuss areas of the website to optimise whether it needed fixing or improving from a technical and content perspective. This lead to a website health score of 90+ on Ahrefs and a sharp climb in website traffic from Google. 

Molae Properties Ltd had various campaigns, ad groups and ad sets on Google Ads. Over the years, these had been improved based on the conversion data, but we recognised there low impressions and click-through-rates. As a result, we optimised the headlines and descriptions to find that sweet spot with a conversion rate of over 26%!

To support the organic and paid advertising conversions, we helped Julien write a script for the business’s introduction video for various landing pages. This led to visitors spending more time on his website and conversions. 

Like many business owners, there are tough decisions regarding where funds are invested for promotion. We have helped Julien critically analyse all channels to focus attention on growth areas. 

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