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What is Content?

Content comes in the form of text, images and videos, typically displayed on all types of web pages. Text is the main form of content for web pages, but it’s often supported with images and videos. Text and image creation and optimisation is included in our SEO Packages for Small Business due to its overall importance in ranking on Google.

Why is Content Important?

Google, and other search engines, for the matter, are hubs of information like a library. If your website, video or product listing contains valuable information that relates to a relevant keyword, it can join the shelf: the search engine results pages. 

Having been indexed by a search engine and now displayed in the search results for relevant keywords, your website or product listing gains more impressions and clicks, which can potentially lead to more enquiries or sales.

Nowadays, well-written content that goes into depth leads to ranking highly for the target keywords. However, thin content with a few words spun by software will result in the opposite outcome.

So, without exceptional quality content, your website won’t be visible. Consequently, it won’t gain any clicks or enable your business to receive enquiries. 

Types of Content

Informational content

This type of content is typically in the form of blog posts and aims to help your potential customers develop their understanding of the general topic of your product or service. 

Sevice content

This type of content explains the service and the benefits to your potential customers so that they consider your business when they’re ready to purchase. 

Service location content

This type of content aims to attract customers ready to purchase your service by targeting their location. 

Product content

This type of content typically includes the brand or manufacturer and various characteristics such as the colour and size. 

Why Use DigiVisi’s Content Services

Local Businesses Can Expand

If you operate in a region, county or town, or perhaps multiple locations, we can create unique content designed to rank for your keywords in your area. This means you can have hundreds of location pages to capture hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.

eCommerce Businesses Can Build Awareness & Trust

If you own an eCommerce website, we can not only get your products found and bought by your ideal customers, but we can target them long before they’re ready to buy. In order to achieve this, we create long-form informational content such as guides and answering questions. 

Combine Keyword Research with Content Creation

We’ll research keyword opportunities for various content types and create exceptional content to rank highly for multiple keywords. Using advanced software it’s not only effective, but it’s also super quick, keeping costs down for you.

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