Cookie Policy


Cookies are files containing a random string of numbers and letters that are stored in your browser. For example, Google Chrome and Safari. Therefore, it is anonymous and does not enable us to identify your usage on our website personally. 

Types of Cookies

“Persistent Cookies” are stored in your browser until the expiry date unless you remove them manually. 

“Session Cookies” are stored in your browser until you close the browser by clicking on the cross in the corner. 

Usage of Cookies

  1. Security – we use them to protect our login to our website and prevent brute force attacks and unauthorised attacks. 
  2. Advertising – we use them to run successful advertising campaigns with Google and Facebook. 
  3. Analysis – we use them to analyse the performance of our web pages and make improvements where necessary. 
  4. Personalisation – we use them to better communicate our services to you and answer your questions. 

Cookie Providers

  1. Wordfence uses cookies to help protect our website and your data held by our website should you submit your details via Ninja Forms. 
  2. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to analyse our web pages’ performance and retarget our service to you through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 
  3. Tidio Chat will identify the web page you’re on while you’re chatting with us via the live chat. 

Cookie Removal

You can remove the cookies by searching online for instructions, or in most cases, via your computer security software that you may have downloaded. 

Last Updated

Our Cookie Policy was last updated on 8th April 2021.