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Email Marketing by DigiVisi

Beyond SEO, we enable businesses to take advantage of email marketing, whether you operate  B2B or B2C.

Email Marketing for B2B

Using email for B2B, we can help you grow your client base. We’ll build highly targeted email data lists and create winning email automation sequences.

Every email we send will land in your target audience’s inbox, with over 50% being opened and read due to personalised subject lines. 

We’ll track the number of emails we’ll send, their open rates, and most importantly, engagement rates like a link click.

You’ll see your target audience’s behaviour on your website via Google Analytics.

It’s all compliant with GDPR providing you have a legitimate reason for emailing them: you believe the recipient could benefit from your products and services.

We don’t just help businesses grow their client base; we help them squeeze more out of them.

Implementing campaigns highlighting recent launches, promotions and news written in such a way will lead to ordering more of your products or services. 

Email Marketing for B2C

Unlike B2B, email marketing for B2C requires consent from the recipient to remain compliant with GDPR. 

So, we help service-based and eCommerce brands build email lists via their website and/or with advertising.

Asking your visitors and customers to sign up for your newsletter is outdated. We’ll help you develop a lead magnet that rapidly grows your email audience. 

Businesses with an eCommerce website can benefit from advanced automation setups like cart abandonment emails, or we’ve not seen you in a while emails to drive customers back to your shop and spend their money with you.

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