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What is Image Optimisation?

Image optimisation involves displaying high-quality images on your website with the correct dimensions, file type, resolution and relevant metadata such as coordinates, file name, image title, and alt text. Image optimisation plays an important role in ranking both local businesses and eCommerce sites, which is why it’s included in our SEO Packages for Small Business.

Why is Image Optimisation Important?

Image optimisation improves the overall experience your potential customers have on your website because it can significantly improve page load times. In turn, your website’s search ranking positions will likely increase as the time to load is reduced. 

In addition, your website’s search ranking positions are likely to increase due to the additional data in the file. For instance, the file name, title and alt text may natural contain keywords. The photo itself may have coordinates attached of where it was captured, which can significantly help local businesses.

Besides SEO, images enable you to convert potential customers into paying customers. Imagine an eCommerce website without pictures of its products or a carpet cleaner without before and after shots. Sales will likely be low. 

So, it’s important to add images and optimise them, to improve search rankings due to faster load times and relevant information to the searcher and increase the likelihood of converting the visitor.

Images Tips for Local Businesses

Before & After Shots

If you’re a local business offering a service with a tangible result that can be captured through your smartphone lens, you should ideally take before and after shots. For example, a carpet cleaner can show a stain and the result once they’ve cleaned it.

However, some businesses can only show the results, such as a driving instructor’s student passing their test. They can stand next to the car showing their certificate.

Create a Social Buzz

Use your images to create a buzz around your business. 

By sharing the results of a cleaned stain or successfully passed student in the case of a carpet cleaner and driving instructors, existing customers are likely to comment, and possible their friends and family too.

This can lead to enquiries via social media and support your overall efforts with SEO. 

Adding Coordinates

Adding coordinates to your images is essential for local businesses because it essentially tells Google that a photo was taken at a particular location within an area that you serve. 

Why Use DigiVisi’s Image Optimisation Service


We use different software to strip back and add relevant metadata while compressing your images without losing their quality.

Techniques to Enhance Performance

We use techniques to enhance the performance of your website’s load time and image visibility on Google Images.

Appropriate Placement

We appropriately place your images in relevant areas on your website while avoiding areas that can cause issues with your search ranking positions.

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