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What is Internal Linking?

Internal linking is the process of adding a link from one page on your website to another page on your website to help users navigate to the right information. It’s most commonly seen with the main navigation menu. We’ve included it in our SEO Packages for Small Business due to the importance of internal linking on your rankings.

Why is Internal Linking Important?

First and foremost, it helps users navigate around your site, but it also tells Google about the importance of each of your web pages. 

For example, a web page on your site that has links from the homepage would be deemed more important than the pages that don’t. 

Similarly, the internal pages with more links would indicate to Google that it’s more important than those with fewer links. 

The idea is that you tactically build internal links that add value to the user while pointing Googlebot in a specific direction to boost your position in the organic search results. 

Simple Internal Link Strategies

Navigation Bar Menu

Your main web pages should show in the navigation menu to allow both potential customers and Googlebot to see the content.

Footer Links

Useful for legal information, but also the information in the navigational menu bar for a smoother experience.

Sidebar Links

Sidebar links are useful for linking between pages within a category. For example, different services you offer.

Contextual Links

Contextual links are links to relevant web pages within the text for continuous reading.

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