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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is finding words that typically form a phrase related to the goods or services that you sell, and is included in our SEO Packages for Small Business. Most people assume that keyword research is only performed on Google, but it extends to other search engines like Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is the basis of any SEO campaign because it aims to identify what your potential customers are searching on any given search engine, whether it’s Google or Amazon. 

It’s essential to know the exact keywords your potential customers are typing into relevant search engines so that you create quality content that matches the intent of searchers.

Creating quality content that contains an approximate density of the keywords enables search engines to display it higher in the search results, which leads to more clicks on your web page, video or product.

Search Intent

Potential customers use different keywords depending on their intent; their intent is categorised into four compartments. 

Firstly, informational intent. This is where a searcher aims to develop their knowledge on a topic.

Secondly, navigational intent. This is where a searcher aims to find a particular product or service by a specific business.

Thirdly, commercial intent. This is where a searcher aims to develop their knowledge before making a future purchase. 

Finally, transactional intent. This is where a searcher aims to buy a good or service.

A well-optimised website creates content that targets potential customers at each stage of the buyer journey with blog posts for informational intent to dedicated location pages (for services) or product pages (for eCommerce) for transactional intent.

Selecting Keywords

Every keyword must be related to your business, and a great way to check is by being able to answer ‘Yes’ to this question: will the reader potentially buy my products or services? 

Once a keyword is deemed relevant, it’s essential to analyse how difficult it could be to rank your content. 

In order to analyse the difficulty, you need to check the number of referring domains to each page in the top 10 of the search results. If it’s low, it could still be a viable option. 

Then, you need to check the domain authority or ranking of the same websites to identify if they’re in a similar ballpark as yours. If so, it’s a keyword worth creating content to target.

Why Choose DigiVisi to Research Keywords

Advanced Tools

We use sophisticated software to enable us to find profitable keyword opportunities from seed keywords. 

Business Expansion

We can advise on the best areas to expand your business’s operations so that you can increase your enquiries and sales.

Content Suggestions

We’ll advise on the best type of content to increase your chances of ranking highly for the keywords.


We can contact the bloggers linking to the blog posts targeting the same keyword to boost your chances of gaining a higher position for a challenging keyword. 

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