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Why Our Link Building for Small Business Stands Out

If your website has a lower domain authority or domain ranking than your competitors who are targeting the same keywords, you’re unlikely to rank higher than them. Typically, small businesses need to build their domain authority, so that they’re equal or above their competitors for a fighting chance of receiving most of the clicks.

The only way to build your website’s domain authority is by building links to your website. However, not all links are equal as Google over time has started ignoring low-quality links and favouriting sites with high-quality links. We’ve done the hard work by outreaching to bloggers and quality assuring their sites, so every link we point to your website has a positive impact on your domain’s authority and rankings.

We focus on building two types of backlinks: niche edits and guest posts. 

Niche edits are blog posts that already exist on a bloggers website that broadly talks about topics related to your website. In this case, we ask the blogger if they’d be happy to link to your website as it offers a solution to the readers problem. Guest posts, on the other hand, involve writing a new blog posts, which are typically more relevant to your goods or services.

Using niche edits can allow your website to rank faster because the blog post is already indexed by Google, which means it’s already aware of it. Guest posts, however, can take longer to take effect, sometimes as long as three months. Nonetheless, it’s important to have a varied backlink profile of both niche edits and guest posts along with other links too.

Recent Testimonials from Clients

“Since mid-February and following completion of your SEO enhancements on my website, my firm has received significantly more new enquiries and potential clients. Thanks Nick for your expert advice and for working your magic! :-)”
Doswell Law, Ashford

“I feel as if I want to keep this awesome team a secret because of what Nick has achieved in a couple of months is insane.”
The FX Works, Bath

“Personal service has been nothing short of amazing, always has time for you and is quick to respond.”
GutterPlus, Harrogate 

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