Manual Link Building Service

DigiVisi offers a Manual Link Building Service. This service involves reaching out to bloggers in your field to secure a link from an existing or new blog post.

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Genuine Outreach

We contact real bloggers with real blogs as opposed to using damaging Private Blogging Networks (PBNs)

In-Content Links

We secure links back to your website from within the content instead of the less powerful author bio.

High-Quality Sites

We secure links from sites with organic traffic instead of those that don't rank at all, so the power passes on.

Prioritise Authority

We build links on higher authority blogs within the domain authority bracket following our outreach.

Why Choose Our Manual Link Building Service

We offer a choice of link building: niche edits and guest posting. Both are superpowerful in boosting your website's ranking and have advantages and disadvantages, and cost differences for you.

Our outreach is genuine. By that, we mean contacting real bloggers. The bloggers we reach have to meet our strict quality guidelines regarding authority, traffic and overall site quality and relevance. Some agencies will put a link on their blogging websites. This is a waste of money, no matter how cheap and persuasive they are.

We sell niche edits and guest posts within tiered domain authorities to help us narrow down our outreach. However, when we get responses, we'll prioritise securing a link on the higher domain authority sites to pass on more power to your site.

When we secure a permanent link for you, whether from niche edits or guest posting, we'll send it over to you. You're free to read the post and share it on your socials if you like.

  • Boost Your Digital Visibility

  • Generate More Website Traffic

  • Skyrocket Your Enquiries & Sales

Our Strategy

Blog Research

We research for blogs that have written posts in the past about your industry. For example, if you're a locksmith, we look for blogs about picking locks. This is essential because backlinks must be from relevant websites. Otherwise, it's unnatural.

Blog Filter

When we've compiled our list of blogs, we filter them into different domain authority categories. For example, a blog with a domain authority of 34 fits in the 30 to 39 tier. This is important to ensure you receive the quality of the link you expect.

Blogger Outreach

We use industry-leading software to contact all the bloggers with a personalised email asking whether they accept niche edits or guest posts. At this point, we're waiting for their reply.

Blogger Response

When they respond, we negotiate the requirements of the guest post or niche edit. If mutually beneficial, we pay their publishing fee, which varies from blog to blog.

Content Writing

Following the payment, we write magazine-quality content with a keyword or two as our focus. Once finished, we send it over to the blogger to publish.

Successful Link

Once the blogger approves the content, we'll share the link once it goes live. You can check the page and share it on your social media if you like.

Niche Edit Link Building Costs

20-29 DA

£117 per link

"DoFollow" backlink

Blog with some traffic

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30-39 DA

£137 per link

"DoFollow" backlink

Blog with reasonable traffic

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40+ DA

£167 per link

"DoFollow" backlink

Blog with lots of traffic

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Guest Posting Link Building Costs

40-49 DA

£227 per link

"DoFollow" backlink

1,000+ organic traffic 

At least a 500 word article

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50-59 DA

£277 per link

"DoFollow" backlink

1,000+ organic traffic

At least a 500 word article

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60+ DA

£337 per link

"DoFollow" backlink

1,000+ organic traffic 

At least a 500 word article

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