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Want to Rank in Multiple Areas?

If you want to dominate the local results in your town or city and multiple other towns, our ‘Multiple Location Add-On‘ is a unique offering for ambitious service-based businesses looking to gain customers from their surrounding areas. 

This strategy relies on a specific set of ranking factors carefully combined to achieve the desired results in addition to our SEO Package for Small Business. We’re the only SEO Company in Kent offering this service and are likely to be one of a few across the UK. 

For this reason, the exact details of this package are kept a secret, but we can say that it delivers exceptional results. And we’ve got some examples to prove it. 

Mini Case Study Examples

Pass Driving School is based in Herne Bay, Kent. Their website receives traffic from virtually every town on the county’s East side. Keywords include driving school, driving lesson, driving instructor and so on.

Carpet Bright is based in Bromley, Kent. They attract traffic in nearly every town in Kent. There are very few towns they’re ranking in, and if they aren’t, it’s because the search volume is non-existent.

Doswell Law is based in Ashford, Kent. They have a physical presence in the towns they’re ranking in, including Canterbury, Ashford, Maidstone, and the county. However, it doesn’t mean your business needs to as well. 

How Does it Work?

In order for this unique add-on to work, you need to choose one of the SEO Packages for Small Business. Once you’ve chosen a package, tell us which areas you’d like your website to rank, and we’ll tell you how much extra it’ll cost. 

We charge a low monthly fee for each location. If you decide to cancel, that’s absolutely fine, but your positions will decline. If you continue with us, we’ll keep your website ranking at the top for every search made by a potential customer.

This does not mean you must continue with an SEO Package, but it’s best to wait for our advice before cancelling it if you want your location pages to be as successful as they can be. 

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