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Why Our PPC Management for Small Business Helps Clients Get More Enquiries

If you’re a self-employed individual who provides a service to residents in your town or city of residence and nearby areas, our ‘PPC Management for Small Business’ is the best service you’ll ever find and use. This is because we deal with everything from keyword discovery to ongoing optimisation to reduce the cost of every new customer. 

However, that’s not what sets us apart! Unlike our competition, we use special software that collects the data from all client campaigns, so when we work with a new client in the same industry, we use the data for their campaign too. It means you can get enquiries faster and for a lot less!

Starting from as little as £100, we’ll manage your pay-per-click advertising campaign and optimise it throughout the month. Our management fee will pay for itself and offer you a lot more by the end of the first month.

In the unlikely event that you decide the campaign isn’t working for you, or you’d like to put it on pause, that’s okay! We don’t trap you into a contract, so you’re free to stop anytime. 

Recent Client Testimonials

“I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, but my business’s sales increased by 25% last week.”

– Mr Lock 24/7, Birmingham

“I’ve been incredibly busy, and the leads you’re getting are costing half the amount than when I was managing it on my own.”

– Fast Response Services, Exeter

Would you like an extra £20 for your ad budget?  

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