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DigiVisi has provided SEO in Canterbury for two local businesses: Emerald School of Motoring and Essentially Hops. This page includes both case studies, starting with the driving school based in the town of Herne Bay, Emerald School of Motoring. Then, the e-commerce partnership based in Bekesbourne, a village outside the city.

SEO in Canterbury for Emerald School of Motoring

Position in the SERP

Climbed from position 14 on page two to position 1 to 3 on page one.

Monthly Conversions

On average, 15 enquiries every month in terms of phone calls and form submissions.

Financial Performance

80% of their revenue comes directly from their website as a result of optimisation.


Emerald School of Motoring provides high-quality driving lessons in the seaside town of Herne Bay. Although the driving school started in 1999, Chris had a brief career change before realising he still enjoyed teaching young people to drive. In 2016, he started the business again with the same name but with modernised branding.

Like other small business owners, he had a small budget. So, he attempted to build his website using WIX. If you've heard about WIX, you'll know it was notorious for SEO. Consequently, and despite following the SEO Wizard, his website was on page two for his keywords. In addition, his Google My Business was effectively not on the list.

He decided to reach out for specialist support from DigiVisi because he wouldn't have survived on asking friends and family if they knew anyone who wanted driving lessons.

Our Solution

Before we could do any optimisation, we built a new website using WordPress. We structured it to allow the homepage to rank for three keywords; this linked to specific internal pages to educate young drivers and build their trust.

We asked Chris to take pictures of every client that passes their test and send them over to us to optimise and upload to their website and Google My Business listing. To support his Google My Business position, we shared a unique link for Chris to email pass learners to write a review.

As the keywords were less competitive and the client had a small budget, we focused heavily on local citations rather than backlinks. This was an important decision in gaining a local presence online.

The Results

On our lowest package, the website increased by 78%. It's now in the top three positions. Their Google My Business listing is within the top three, and in some cases, depending on the locality of the searcher, it's in the first position. As a result of optimisation, 80% of revenue comes directly from their website and the remaining 20% from referrals.

SEO in Canterbury for Essentially Hops

Position in the SERP

Climbed from an average position of 44 on page 4 to an average position of 1 on page 1.

Organic Traffic to Website

Traffic increased by 100% within a month of technical and on-page optimisation.

Product Conversions

Product category, bare root hop plants, saw an increase of 333.33% conversions.


Essentially Hops is a partnership between husband and wife, Mike and Amanda Barker. Their farm grows flowers and hops, which they dry and sells to consumers using their established e-commerce website.

Over the years, their website has received optimisation from other agencies. In most cases, in the form of link building. As a result, their domain authority was powerful. However, their website is managed internally, whereby staff upload new product listings. Consequently, there were countless errors and warnings as well as missed ranking opportunities.

Our Solution

We carried out an in-depth audit of their website to understand the scale of the problem. This enabled us to identify hundreds of pages that didn't have a focus keyword, contained duplicate content, broken links and unoptimised images. As much as we would've loved to fix it all at once, we had to prioritise with their budget. This started by understanding the seasonality of their products.

Having commenced optimising in January, we focused on bare root hop plants as it's the season to start growing. Using the audit as our guide, we created individual product pages for every hop variety under a clear product category page. This involved optimising images and text for long-tail commercial intent keywords. We supported it by writing a lengthy article explaining how to choose and grow hop plants to filter users at the top of the sales funnel to make a purchase. It also acted as a perfect opportunity for internal link building. After six months, Essentially Hops decided to take SEO in-house after realising its value, and it remains in-house today.

The Results

Due to the magnitude of errors and warnings and ill maintenance, the website saw a 4,300% increase in product category page position in the search results. This resulted in a 333% increase in sales revenue within six months and several re-orders of hop plants from the supplier.

What My Clients Say About My SEO Company

We're pleased we found Nick and DigiVisi. Our website went from an average of page four to page one, and we saw our seasonal sales triple within six months. We still see results long after the project finished.

Amanda at Essentially Hops
I was a bit apprehensive about SEO. My fears were eased when Nick went through the reports, and I started to make bookings in my diary. I've had to start putting customers on a waiting list or turn them away as a result.
Chris at Emerald School of Motoring

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