SEO in Essex Case Study


Climbed from page four, position 31, to the 1st and 2nd position for "Locksmith Harlow" and 2nd in the Google Map Pack.

Financial Performance

Secured a few corporate jobs earning the sole trader over £1,000 for changing the locks on a quite a few doors.

Reduced Google Ads

Significant improvement in organic positions have led to a decrease in Google Ad spend.


Emergency Local Locksmith is owned by Andy. He's worked with a few agencies in the past that have carried out some optimisation. However, his rankings recently dropped down from page one to page four. He tried everything himself to rectify the problem, but admitted defeat and asked DigiVisi to help him.

Our Solution

Before carrying out any audits, we instantly recognised one of the major problems on his website. This was unsubstantial, poor-quality content. For example, a poorly written blog post targeting the same keyword as a service area page. In addition, he had duplicate content with minor variations for service pages that contained multiple spelling, punctuation and grammatical issues. We had no hesitation in deleting the blog pages and the blog, altogether, and setting up redirects.

With regards to the service area pages, we focused on re-writing all of the content and deindexing the pages we choose not to optimised. These had content we didn't want Google judging. The pages we optimised include content such as text and images.

In addition to this, we create a simple user experience by improving internal linking to pass authority from the page homepage to internal pages, vice versa. This helped his local service area pages rank higher following a huge number of local citations we created. We're currently working on building backlinks to improve his domain authority.

The Results

Emergency Local Locksmith is ranking very well. It's in the 2nd position on the Google Map Pack for Locksmith Harlow and its variations. Currently, the site is fluctuating in the top three results for the latter keyword and others such as Locksmith Cheshunt, Locksmith Hertford, Locksmith Bishop's Stortford. This is also the case for Locksmith Essex to capture the wider market.

What My Clients Say About My SEO Company

We're pleased we found Nick and DigiVisi. Our website went from an average of page four to page one, and we saw our seasonal sales triple within six months. We still see results long after the project finished.

Amanda at Essentially Hops
I was a bit apprehensive about SEO. My fears were eased when Nick went through the reports, and I started to make bookings in my diary. I've had to start putting customers on a waiting list or turn them away as a result.
Chris at Emerald School of Motoring

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