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I've been an SEO Consultant for over 7-years, assisting a wide variety of businesses, from assisting one person bands to national e-commerce businesses.

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I started optimising websites from the age of 16 when I was a digital marketing apprentice. Over the last seven years, I've honed my skills and have found out what methods are the most effective for specific industries. So, I started DigiVisi because it was about time I use my expertise to assist you in building your digital visibility in search engines like Google.

SEO Consultant that Communicates


I communicate with all my clients by email and phone between reporting periods to let them know what I'm up to on their website and how it's going.


I share a report one month following the optimisation of one web page or location in terms of the position, traffic, bounce rate and conversions, and discuss with you via Google Meets.


I offer advice beyond SEO at no extra cost when I see opportunities that could benefit you in terms of enhancing your digital visibility.

Top Traits, Skills and Quality of an SEO Consultant


I share customised reports containing data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SE Ranking. It's actually difficult for me to lie. I had a tough time telling white lies to my students when I was a business teacher in a secondary school in Peckham, London.
SEO Consultant DigiVisi


I use my analytical skills to identify opportunities to increase your website's ranking. I began developing my analytical skills whilst I was an undergraduate at the University of Kent a few years ago.


I feel a great sense of gratification every time my clients websites overtake their competition. If something is holding it back, I re-optimise because I want that feeling, again! 
SEO Consultant DigiVisi

SEO Consultant that Saves Clients Money

We're pleased we found Nick and DigiVisi. Our website went from an average of page four to page one, and we saw our seasonal sales triple within six months. We still see results long after the project finished.

Amanda at Essentially Hops
I was a bit apprehensive about SEO. My fears were eased when Nick went through the reports, and I started to make bookings in my diary. I've had to start putting customers on a waiting list or turn them away as a result.
Chris at Emerald School of Motoring

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