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If you want to prepare, amend and submit more annual accounts, then invest in SEO for Accountants from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Accountants

As an accountant, you may rely on word-of-mouth and social media to bring you more clients. These methods are great and I use them too, but heavy reliance on these two activities is risky. SEO for Accountants is like activating your inbox and phone into a money machine because you'll be visible when a potential client searches for your accounting services.

SEO for Accountants is an all-in-one package per page, so you get the complete works on every relevant page like the annual accounts and auditing services pages. I can support you in targeting the national market or enable you to dominate your local market. You can dominate your local market with my all-in-one package per location, so your potential clients can see your listing to visit your website or call you directly from the map results above the search result.

Best of all, I guarantee that your website will rank on the first page for your accountancy-related keywords as a minimum. So, if it doesn't, you'll have me working for you for free to get your accountancy in the eyes of your potential clients.

SEO for Accountants

Importance of SEO for Accountants

Every month, there's an average of 18,100 searches for "accountants near me", 1,900 for "accountancy firms near me" and 90,500 for "personal tax accountants". Where does your practice show when you search these terms from your area? SEO for Accountants can help you if your website isn't on the first page of Google, then you will be visible to the searchers too.

Once your website is fully optimised, you could be getting a percentage of clicks to your website for these keywords as well as many others I can discover for you. Your website will then work for you because the design and call-to-actions like buttons to capture contact details will give an enquiry to follow up. If you have a high close rate, you could be making signing new clients every month without doing anything apart from quickly following up your enquiries.

Local SEO for Accountants

Benefits of SEO for Accountants

SEO for Accountants can put your accountancy website on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo; this allows you to build awareness and develop trust in your accountancy services. It's because 71% of searchers will click on a website on the first page, and we as humans believe a business is trusted if it's on that page. 

Once your website and local listings are optimised, you'll see an increase in your websites' clicks from potential clients actively looking for accounting services. It can happen for many years after I've entirely optimised your website with my all-in-one packages, so you may not need to invest in it again. Effectively, you'd be getting a constant flow of enquiries without paying a penny after your initial investment. How does that sound?

Alternatively, you could try optimising your website yourself by following the guides produced by Xero and Quickbooks. But, it's a long game that you'll never be sure you've done it right until you optimised a few websites.

SEO Services for Accountants

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