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SEO for Accountants

What Is SEO for Accountants?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for accountants is one of the digital marketing techniques your accounting firm should be implementing to drive traffic to your website to turn into leads and clients.

SEO for accountants involves improving over 200 factors on and off your accounting firm’s website. Once these factors are optimised, your accounting firm’s website gains a higher position in the organic search results for relevant keywords searched by your potential clients.

For example, “Accountants Kent”. This particular term is searched by 480 prospects each month. In the UK, “Accountants” is searched 33,800 times each month, and long-tail keywords like “Personal Tax Accountant” are searched a staggering 110,000 times.

If your accounting website is ranking highly for relevant keywords on search engines like Google, then you’ll be able to grow your client base as more searchers will find your content. You can optimise your website yourself if you’ve got plenty of time, or you can speed it up and save time with our SEO Packages for Small Business.

Why is SEO for Accounting Firms Important?

SEO for accountants is important because the accounting industry consists of a few medium and large accounting firms, but mostly local accounting firms.

This is important to recognise because Google reported that 46% of all searches typed in on their search engine were to find local information, and therefore, local businesses.

It means your accounting website requires local SEO to ensure your local accounting firm is visible to searches performed by the self-employed and managing directors to improve the number of leads you receive.

Local SEO means targeting searchers in your town or city and the surrounding areas in order to gain a consistent flow of enquiries.

SEO is Crucial for Accountants and Bookkeepers

SEO for accountants allows you to perform services on behalf of your clients while worrying less about when you’ll receive your next lead.

Although search engine optimisation isn’t a turn-on and off feature like Google Ads, it’s a channel that allows your accounting firm to receive leads without paying every time.

With the right SEO strategy, accounting firms that use our local SEO services gain new clients for each of their services because we create dedicated, content-rich pages that secure the first position on Google’s search results.

These pages attract various searchers with different needs and convert them to use your services rather than a competitor. Techniques include writing captivating meta title tags and meta descriptions to encourage potential prospective clients to click on your web pages.

Without SEO, whether done in-house or performed by us, you will be losing potential clients to your competitors unless you’re paying an extortionate amount in Google Ads. And, as there are many local accounting firms in your town, city and county, competition is tough.

Stand apart as the only accounting firm in your area with the most optimised website and convert your website visitors into paying clients on monthly and yearly services.

3 Benefits of SEO for Accountants

Increases Your Website Traffic

Every small business wants to improve its website traffic because it means it can potentially increase the potential enquiries it receives.

In order to increase your traffic to your accountancy business website, you need to create pages with optimised content based on keyword research that improves your web pages search rankings for search terms relevant to your services and location.

Non-Badgering Qualified Interest

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for accountants is an inbound strategy, which means potential clients are searching for a local accounting firm. These searchers, potential clients, are already qualified, simply because they’ve expressed an interest in your services.

Neither you nor your team needs to spend any time persuading them because a well-optimised website has already done the work for you. It builds trust, establishes expertise, and prepares your accounting firm for maximum conversions.

Local SEO Leads Are Free

Local SEO for accountants is a great way to reduce your Google Ad spend because you can create targeted landing pages for a number of converting keywords so that they rank in the search engines without needing to pay for every click on an ad.

Once Google crawls and indexes these pages and you’re performing in the top three positions in the search engines, you won’t need to invest in advertising because your optimised web pages will be bringing in the leads for free.

Although there’s an upfront cost for accountant SEO before there’s a return on investment, each enquiry over time becomes more cost-effective than Google Ads, which is only becoming more expensive as more accounting firms enter the industry.

SEO Tips for Accountancy Websites

Increase the Reviews on Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile has the power to attract approximately 30% of the clicks if it’s in the first position in the map pack feature in the local search results.

Gaining reviews is one of the most effective techniques to optimise your profile and boosts its position in Google’s search results. It also plays a huge role on other search engines like Bing if the profile is connected.

You should aim to achieve the highest review count and quality score in order to dominate the local search results.

To help your accounting firm gain a higher position, you should encourage clients to mention the service they bought. It would be better if they mentioned “accountant”, “accounting firm”, or “accountancy” and your area in their review.

Many accounting firms tend to submit accounts for clients each year. It means you can ask clients after you’ve submitted the accounts to HMRC to write a review. You can make it easier by supplying the link in the email or text message.

If your accounting firm offers advice, you can ask clients to review the advice given and the impact it has had on their business or personal situation.

Join Industry-Recognised Directories

There are a few websites that your accounting firm should join for SEO purposes as well as being found by potential clients searching in a different way.

Firstly, join The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.

Secondly, ensure you and your accountants are members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants or Association of Accounting Technicians.

Lastly, join the directories of leading accounting and bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks, Sage, and Xero.

By joining these websites, you’ll have multiple business profiles that enable you to potentially gain more clients from the site directly.

Most sites allow a do-follow or no-follow link to your website in your profile, so it can support your SEO efforts in terms of ranking in the local search results and the map pack.

Employee Alumni Stories

Due to the nature of accounting, you and your employees have likely attended university. Fortunately for your accounting firm, you can leverage the power of universities domains by asking your employees to write an alumni story to inspire current students.

The more employees you have, and the more that have attended different universities across the UK, or abroad for that matter, the stronger your domain will become if you secure the backlink.

In order to ascertain whether the universities that your employees went to accept alumni stories, simply search on Google something along the lines of “[university name] alumni stories”.

If you find a dedicated page with stories, look for the contact details. Otherwise, move on to the next university.

SEO Services for Accountants

Accountants Strategy

Receive a tailored SEO strategy for your own firm that improves your position on Google Search and other search engines too.

Technical SEO Audit

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your accountancy website in terms of technical aspects such as URL structure, site speed, broken links, internal links, title tags and meta descriptions.

Content SEO Audit

Access valuable information about the content of a blog post, service page or location page to create content or improvement existing content to rank highly on the first page.

Keyword Research Service

Discover profitable keywords for your accounting services, create content for new or existing pages yourself and improve internal linking.

Content Creation Service

Drive business growth with new blog post content that ranks highly on the first page providing valuable information that potential customers are searching for today.

Content Optimisation Service

Tweak existing content to improve the performance in the search engine results pages for the target keywords to potentially gain new clients.

All-in-One SEO Services

SEO services that include an SEO strategy for each SEO campaign and complete implementation from technical SEO to blog post creation. Ideal for small businesses that want consistent results potential customers within their local community.

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