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SEO for Architects

SEO for Architects by DigiVisi

If you’re an architect who wants to successfully start or grow an architecture firm, SEO for Architects by DigiVisi can enable you to achieve your goal.

We can implement our tried-and-tested strategy on and off your website so that you can gain the first position on Google Search and Google Maps for profitable keywords.

Using quality tactics approved by Google, we can ensure our proven strategy will generate leads throughout the project and for several years following.

It all comes down to how we address the technical errors and warnings, create content, and most importantly, the types of links we gain on your behalf.

In essence, we build a moat around your web pages that makes it difficult for your competitors to compete, so you can secure more business with very little effort on your part.

Become the No. 1 Architect in Your Area

Google Search

We’ll aim to rank your website to the first position for all the agreed keywords. If you’re based in Maidstone, for instance, we would optimise your homepage for “Architects Maidstone” as this is the most popular term with 140 monthly searches.

In addition, we would edit your existing service pages and/or add new ones to ensure the content is optimised for search engines and users. These pages could split into categories like residential and commercial and/or your service delivery, from the initial consultation to the concept and planning permission right through to construction design.

Ultimately, we’ll seek to find out about your services and your approach in great detail in order to craft optimised content to perform for keywords we’ve established as well as hidden keywords (low search volume but great profitability) and convert users into enquiries.

SEO for Architects by DigiVisi involves reporting on your rankings using a sophisticated SEO tool. We then combine it with data from Google Search Console to establish the correct search clicks to each page and the terms. Over time, we’ll see a trajectory of higher rankings and traffic.

Google Local 3-Pack

While we focus on ranking landing pages such as your homepage and services pages, we do offer Google Business Profile optimisation. Our aim is to rank you in the top three results.

With these positions in the search results, your architecture firm will generate substantially more leads because you’ll be significantly more visible to searchers.

We believe in helping small businesses succeed online, so one of our tips for architects with regard to their Google Business Profile is to focus on gaining reviews.

You need more than your competitors in your area, as well as a higher average rating. If you can get reviews, you’ll be closer to securing a visible spot.

Architects who work with us will be given exclusive techniques that are worth a goldmine.

Why Add SEO to Your Marketing Plan

Your Website Will Rank Higher for Keywords Your Target Audience Use

Pre-2000, having a website made you stand out, and SEO wasn’t as important as it is today. You could write some information on your website, and that would be sufficient.

However, post-2000, many business owners, including architects, began to recognise the power of the internet, and thus it became more competitive.

SEO was and still is the way to rise above your competitors.

By fixing technical errors and warnings, creating quality content with target keywords and building links to improve domain authority, architecture firms can increase their rankings.

If you neglect SEO, you may as well not have a website. It’s as simple as that, in our view, of course.

You’ll Experience a Growth in Qualified Traffic that Converts into Leads

The premise behind SEO is to gain a high position in the search results for keywords like “Architect Tonbridge”, if that’s where you’re based, so that you can improve the number of potential customers on your website.

Being at the top of page one is like having a brick-and-mortar at the start of the high street with the most footfall, but the lower down you are, the footfall and searchers begin to drop off.

So, our role is to gain the best spots for searches relevant to your firm.

Continue to Receive a Variety of Enquiries with Minimal Effort (& No Further Investment)

While our packages are all-in-one, we are quite distinct from our competitors. With our knowledge, skills and 8-years of experience, we’re able to build a moat around your website.

This allows your website to not only gain a high position in the search results but stay there for quite some time. In fact, we’ve had clients stay in the top 3 results for over 5-years following our optimisation.

Therefore, SEO can be a cost-effective marketing tactic to generate clients today and for years to come, with little to no effort on your part. Unless, of course, you aim to do it yourself, then it’ll be trial and error.

How We Approach Architect SEO (& Why)

Technical Audit of Your Website’s Health Score

Search engines, particularly Google, want to be assured that a website can be somewhat trusted before they allow it to rank high.

So, we start with a Technical Audit, which highlights all the errors and warnings in relation to the code of your website. From security to speed, meta titles and descriptions, to content structure.

We’ve found over the years that small business websites with a health score of 60 or less out of 100 struggle to perform well on search engines, primarily Google.

On a monthly basis, we address various technical issues in order of importance, so that we can remove the wall that’s preventing your firm from climbing higher.

If you designed it yourself, or a cheap developer that uses templates, it’s likely to have a low health score, and, therefore, should be a key aspect of any SEO campaign.

Keyword Research for Profitable Phrases

Architects with a technically sound website are likely to struggle to perform, as it’s only one-third of search engine optimisation.

A key aspect of SEO involves finding the right keywords that your target audience uses throughout the month.

We use a few different SEO tools to discover these keywords. We can ascertain search volumes, the difficulty level, and whether or not your competitors are targeting them.

In most cases, your main keyword will be on your homepage, and it’s likely to be “Architects [Location]” like “Architects Canterbury”.

However, they’ll be a few others that present opportunities to grow your revenue, and it’s our job to find them for you.

Creating Content that Ranks and Converts Visitors on Every Relevant Page

Once we’ve compiled a list of keywords, and you’re happy to proceed with them, it’s time to focus on optimising the content on every page relevant to each of the keywords.

We’ll start with your homepage copy and then every service page on your site that stems from it. Like with the errors and warnings, we prioritise our efforts, often starting with larger search terms.

We tend to avoid writing blog posts unless you intend to go national, but we highly encourage portfolio pages.

Building a Moat by Gaining Powerful Links to Your Site

As mentioned, we build a moat around our clients’ websites with high-quality links from other sites.

In the eyes of Google, it suggests your website can be trusted, which results in better search performance, but any old link isn’t going to do the trick.

While we encourage small businesses to sponsor sports clubs, charities and award ceremonies to acquire links, we recognise it can be expensive, so we build other powerful links.

One of these is business listings (on the likes of Yell and Yelp), and the other is guest posts or niche edits.

The latter two are simply text that becomes a hyperlink on someone else’s blog linking back to you with your keyword like “Architect [Location]” as the anchor text.

This sends “votes of confidence” in the content on a given page on your site.

Our View of These Websites SEO

Keyword: “Architects Maidstone”

4 of the five sites are directories, which indicates to us that there are opportunities.

If there aren’t more firms from Maidstone in the first 5, then their SEO is either rubbish or not doing it at all. However, there is one company, EP Architects.

Even so, its homepage is nearly empty. Still, they’ve taken the time to create multimedia, including videos and images for each portfolio page with a short overview, which is somewhat better than having a blog.

If we were to work with a firm in Maidstone, we’d find it easy to deliver.

Keyword: “Architects Dartford”

Dartford is very similar to Maidstone in this regard, but only the 5th site is a local company. While there, only a few of the 90 monthly searchers are landing on their page.

Keyword: “Architects Tonbridge”

This one is slightly different because an SEO agency appears to have supported one site: MKA Architects. This site has a large number of users from 34 other search terms. However, most users are coming from county-level keywords.

Glancing at their site, they’ve focused on developing content for each page for market segments like education, residential, and commercial. In addition, they’re gaining at least one link from various local directories.

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