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If you want to reconcile more accounts and file more VAT returns, then invest in SEO for Bookkeepers from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Bookkeepers

If you're a bookkeeper and use social media to get your clients, that's great. But, how much time have you spent posting to different groups regularly to ensure your post is seen? Instead, SEO for Bookkeepers is ideal if you want regular inquiries without doing anything daily, weekly or monthly. 

I offer two all-in-one packages for bookkeepers. One is the Complete Page Optimisation Package is an all-in-one package that enables your web pages to rank on the search engines' first page like Google. As it's a comprehensive package, you'll probably never need your site to be optimised again. So, once invested, you'll see steady returns without an ongoing cost. 

My Complete Local Optimisation Package enables you to build awareness of your bookkeeping business because you'll have a listing in Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Apple Maps, as well as 15 other trusted directories. It can result in boosting both your website and listing in the maps for local searches. 

SEO for Bookkeepers

Importance of SEO for Bookkeepers

SEO for Bookkeepers is essential, but not all of the 200 SEO factors are essential for you. It's like payroll isn't suitable for a self-employed worker without any employees. You see, Xero wrote an informative introductory guide, but they highlight content is king. This is partially right in terms of your page's text and case studies, but you don't necessarily need blog posts and articles because over 75% of blog posts are never read. This is why I offer one-time payment packages. 

My all-in-one packages focus on the most relevant factors that rank your bookkeeping website on the search engines' first page. This helps you get more clicks onto your website for potential clients to read about your services, your unique selling points and make an enquiry. Ultimately, once appropriately optimised, it doesn't usually need to be done again for local businesses. With DigiVisi, I'll work for free until your website is on the first page, guaranteed! 

Local SEO for Bookkeepers

Benefits of SEO for Bookkeepers

Unlike posting in social media groups and edging close to getting a spammy reputation, SEO for Bookkeepers targets people who actually want your services. This means they do not feel annoyed by seeing your bookkeeping brand but rather happy your informative website is in front of their eyes. 

You may have considered Google Ads like Search Ads. If so, you'll know there's an ongoing cost for both your ad spend budget and management fees. However, with SEO, you don't need an ad spend budget, just the capital to invest in optimisation. Unlike other SEO Agencies, DigiVisi is a one-time payment per page or location, so you're not even trapped into a contract. 

All you need to do is take some time to immediately answer all the inquiries to improve your chances of signing new clients on your books. 

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