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If you want to build more domestic and commercial properties, extend or convert more properties, then invest in SEO for Builders from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Builders

As a builder, do you have a website and are you actively sharing your finished projects on social media? If so, that's great! But, does your website get sufficient clicks to turn searches into domestic and commercial property projects? If not, SEO for Builders can support you. 

I can optimise your website to show on the first page of search engines. I can use keywords like "Builder in [Town, City, County]" to get you more clicks and enquiries. With me, you invest in the Complete Page Optimisation Package. It includes everything you need to get on the first page, if not at the top. Because it's an all-in-one package, I won't trap you with a contract. And you'll probably only need your website optimised once. That means you can benefit from ongoing enquiries without an ongoing cost. 

If you build, extend and convert properties locally, my Complete Local Optimisation Package can improve your local business listings. This can enable your website to dominate the local search results for builders in your area. As it's above the website search results, it could increase your calls from mobiles and website clicks from tablets, laptops and desktops. Again, I won't trap you with a contract, and you'll only need this package once per location. 

SEO for Builders

Importance of SEO for Builders

Gone are the days when we pick up the Yellow Pages and find several builders' phone numbers. Your potential customers are searching online. In fact, over 12,200 searches are done for "builder near me", and if your website and local listings are not optimised, you're likely missing out on a lot of enquiries that your competitors are getting.

It's a great if you've got a website, but it's a pointless expense if nobody can find it. With SEO for Builders, I help your potential customers find it, which means you can get a better return on your investment from your investment on the web design you had, yearly hosting and SEO. Like I mentioned, once your website is optimised fully, the way I do it, you probably won't need to invest in it again—a one-time investment for long-term enquiries for hundreds of projects.

Aside from the importance of SEO for Builders, be sure to use an agency that guarantees ranking performance like DigiVisi. Otherwise, they'll use Black Hat techniques or not do very much for you at all, which can cause your ranking to decline or not change at all. 

Local SEO for Builders

Benefits of SEO for Builders

Working with DigiVisi, you'll benefit from improvements in your digital visibility. You should see more enquiries from emails, form submissions and calls for you to convert into paying customers. This isn't temporary. It's free clicks and enquiries for the long-term, unlike Google Ads.

Unlike other SEO Agencies, I won't trap you with a contract as long as 6-months on a fixed amount. Instead, you pay per page or location as a one-time payment or flexible instalment plan. So, you know, when I've finished optimising your site and local listings, you won't be paying more than you need to. You can also stop at any time, although it's not advised until your site is fully optimised.

I'm confident that my packages are ideal for local builders, which is why I'll work for free if your website doesn't improve to the search engines' first page.

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