SEO for Car Dealers

If you want to sell more cars on your forecourt, then invest in SEO for Car Dealers from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Car Dealers

If you're a car dealer, you'll know that car buyers aren't just searching on AutoTrader, Motors and Car Guru; they're searching on Google. You'll also know that these directories are dominating the searches, even in your town. SEO for Car Dealers can improve your website's ranking and local listing so that car buyers looking for a local dealer can find you.

I can optimise your web pages to show for search queries like "car dealers [town]" or "used car dealers [town]". It'll build your dealership's visibility in the local area. However, it's not just these terms car buyers are searching. They're also searching for specific cars like "BMW near me" and "Fords near me". By optimising your site for these terms, your increasingly the likelihood of a buyer coming to view a specific car you sell. As cars will be uploaded and taken down regularly, I'll advise how you should upload your car photos to maximise your visibility. 

SEO for Car Dealers

Importance of SEO for Car Dealers

As a local dealership, you've got the opportunity to rank above these directories. Unlike AutoTrader, I can optimise your local listings because they don't have a physical address in your town, city or county. It means that local car buyers can see your dealership before the directories when they search locally. As a result, you could find that they click straight through to your website, call you, or get directions to your forecourt. 

SEO for Car Dealers is important because you can reduce your reliance on AutoTrader, Motors and CarGuru. Once your site is optimised, you may benefit from these directories as they're already pointing links back to you. They can actually help rank your website higher if the other technical, on-page and off-page SEO is set up and in place.

With local business directories like Google My Business and Bing Places for Business, you, your sales team, or I can regularly update with posts of the vehicles you're selling to boost awareness and rankings. And I can help you take advantage of the new 30-second video feature on Google My Business to show your showroom, forecourts and your unique selling points. 

Local SEO for Car Dealers

Benefits of SEO for Car Dealers

I've mentioned a number of the benefits you can receive from SEO for Car Dealers—for example, increased website rankings to increased website visits, calls and directions to your forecourt. 

I think it's important to know why it's beneficial to work with DigiVisi. Firstly, I offer an all-in-one package for every critical web pages like your homepage and location pages. Once these are optimised, you won't need optimisation again. To complement it, I can optimise your existing and future car listings or provide SEO Consultancy to keep your ongoing costs down. 

Secondly, I optimise your local listings to the point they don't require ongoing optimisation. As a car dealer, your listings regularly change, so it would be best to continue to update your listings with posts. For example, when you upload a car to your site, you make a post and share it directly on Google My Business. This can help boost that model in the search results. Whether you would prefer to do it or outsource it to me, just let know, and you can stop at any time. 

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