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SEO for Carpenters

SEO for Carpenters by DigiVisi

If you’re looking for reputable SEO specialists, look no further than DigiVisi. With over 8-years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we know which tactics work, when, and where, enabling us to offer the most powerful SEO for Carpenters.

SEO can be as simple or complicated as you make it, but the fact is, a carpentry website that’s technically sound, populated with valuable content and inbound quality links from industry-relevant blogs, will enable you to be visible on the first page in the search results. You’ve only got to see our case studies, and even speak to our clients on the phone, to understand we are who we say we are.

While it may sound rather straightforward, SEO is time-consuming. It requires constant effort for a prolonged period to rank your site for all your target keywords. And, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can take even longer. So, leave it to us to get your website first on Google, and once you’re there, you won’t need us unless you slide down the search results a few years later.

Imagine all those enquiries for a moment. New jobs that cost less every time, thanks to SEO by us.

Become the No.1 Carpenter in Your Area with SEO for Carpenters

We can’t guarantee the first position on Google, but we can guarantee the first page. And, to be honest, we’re not going to settle for that. We’ll keep working with you to get your business first, so you can generate a consistent flow of leads for new home improvement projects with minimal effort.

Starting with keywords, we’ll research the terms your potential customers are using to find your services. It’s likely to be “Carpenters [Your Location]” for your homepage, but we’d be looking to add fresh content by creating service pages. To give you an idea of search volumes, we’re based in Kent, and here’s the data for a few towns:

  • Carpenters Kent = 260 monthly searches

  • Carpenters Maidstone = 140

  • Carpenters Canterbury = 90

  • Carpenters Tonbridge = 140

  • Carpenters Ashford = 30

  • Carpenters Sevenoaks = 70

  • Carpenters Dover = 50

  • Carpenters Dartford = 50

Some areas seem relatively low, but they could be less competitive, thus costing you less with this marketing tactic. As mentioned, we’d create new content targeting other keywords too. For instance, we could create new pages on the following topics:

  • Doors and Windows

  • Furniture

  • Bathrooms and Kitchens

  • Staircases

  • Fencing and Gates

  • Outdoor Structures and Roofing

By creating such content, your website will be seen by hundreds of searchers in your service area at the time their thinking about a carpenter with the intent of hiring one. With great visibility amongst your target audience, your website will receive more visits, thus increasing your chances of converting them into customers.

Included in Our Carpenters SEO Services

With any marketing service company, it’s important to understand the actions taken to improve the visibility of your carpentry business. Whether it’s Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or SEO, for that matter. It’s why we take the time to explain our service here, and on the phone when we speak with you. This is so you can make the right decision about your investment.

Technical Optimisation

We’ll run an audit of your site so that we know the errors and warnings preventing it from climbing up the search results. On a monthly basis, we’ll address these in combination with the actions below. As we begin to focus on On-Page SEO for your carpentry company, we’ll see better performance sooner.

On-Page Optimisation

This aspect of carpentry SEO involves editing existing content as well as supplying optimised content for your homepage and service pages. For some businesses, we begin to develop a blog, but this is often the last step as we believe it’s the least valuable for a local carpenter.

Off-Page Optimisation

With a technically sound website and great content, it’s time to prove to every search engine that your content is valuable. We do this by building quality links. Starting with local citations like Yell and Yelp to links in articles and guides on other websites, establishing you as the local expert carpenter.

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