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If you want to help more beneficiaries and have a greater social impact, then invest in SEO for Charities from DigiVisi. 

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If you run a charity, you’ve likely got a small marketing budget and need to invest it wisely to ensure you get a return-on-investment. I completely understand, as several years ago, I was employed in a social enterprise. Its budget was thin when they had one. But, it’s okay because SEO for Charities can raise awareness for the services you provide, whether it’s education, health, environmental, or to do with animals, for free in the long-term. 

I can work with you and your charity to optimise your website. My SEO for Charities focuses on one page at a time, and you only need to invest once per page. So, if your budget is small, then we can work on the most important pages first. With me, it’s a one-off payment per page, so you could stagger the optimisation until your website is done. It's a complete package that ranks your website higher. Otherwise, I'll work for free to get it onto the first page. 

SEO for Charities

Importance of SEO for Charities

SEO for Charities is another promotional method to communicate your services to your stakeholders in addition to the other techniques you use like a leaflet, for instance. 

If you hand a leaflet to somebody, it's likely it'll end up in the bin. Simply because they don't want or need the information. However, if a leaflet is sitting in a reception room and catches the audience eye, they might pick it up, either get in touch, pass on, or put it in the bin. But, when you run out, you need to buy more. 

SEO for Charities is similar because somebody has a problem that they want to solve, so they research online, see a few charities that could help them and contact the best one. However, unlike leaflets, your web page doesn't need to be regularly optimised. So, your long-term promotional costs could reduce and you could increase the amount of people, animals or more of the environment that you help, protect or preserve. 

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Benefits of SEO for Charities

It's not just your beneficiaries that are searching for your services; it's other stakeholders like potential donors, volunteers, and partners. Suppose you have optimised web pages for these stakeholders to communicate your charity's message. In that case, you could increase the number of donations, volunteer applications and enquiries from those who need your support. All because your website is showing for the keywords and queries they have searched.

Imagine what you could do with increased donations, extra support from enthusiastic volunteers, and more beneficiaries to help. It's all possible if your website is appropriately optimised. All you need to do is schedule a call with me, Nick, or use the contact form. Otherwise, if you need a little more persuasion, explore my website.

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