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SEO for Chiropractors

SEO for Chiropractors

SEO for Chiropractors by DigiVisi

If you’ve recently opened your chiropractic clinic, or you’re looking for a consistent lead flow for one or more practices, SEO for Chiropractors can enable your website to gain amazing search engine visibility for several years without a continuous investment.

Unlike Google Ads, in most cases, when you stop investing in Chiropractor SEO, your website will continue ranking in the 1st position in search engines. And, if it slightly drops over time due to your competitors stepping up their SEO, the cost to you is likely to be significantly less than your initial investment, depending on the action required.

Due to continued rankings for a number of years, your chiropractic website will continue to gain traffic, and convert these into clients. For every customer you gain, the cost for each of them decreases, which could eventually be as little as £1 each. This makes SEO one of the most cost-effective tactics in a modern business.

Become the No.1 Chiropractor On Google Search and Google Maps

We know you’re considering Chiropractor SEO as another channel to generate new clients, but you want to be sure you choose the right company to help you become the first chiropractor in the search results. Because the first position in the search results secures well over 50% of all the searchers on its website.

As you already know, you’ve got a lot of choices, but sadly not every agency that advertises its ability to SEO, can actually do SEO. We, on the other hand, specialise in SEO, particularly Local SEO, which is exactly what chiropractors need.

Not only do we specialise in Local SEO, but DigiVisi is also owned and operated by its founder, Nick Holmes, who conducts all SEO. He’s always available on the other line or via email to ask any questions, completely transparent with reporting, including individual optimisation updates, and genuinely interested in your success in search engines.

Our Chiropractor SEO Services Approach to Gain Patients

Technical SEO Audit

At the start of the project, we’ll audit your chiropractic website from a technical perspective. If your website was developed by an SEO-conscious web developer, you’d likely have a high health score.

However, in most cases, websites aren’t developed with SEO in mind, despite saying it’s SEO-friendly.

All this means is they’ll be errors and warnings that are hindering your website from ranking well in the search results. For instance, the core web vitals.

Each of our SEO services bundled in packages includes technical optimisation. Over the duration of the project, we address all of the errors and warnings, so that your website looks perfect from Google’s perspective.

More importantly, it functions even better for your users, thus encouraging them to become your patient.

This could be fixing links without a “/” that slow down the load time of your web pages, or as complex as fixing address security weaknesses.

Keyword Research

Seed Keywords

A successful Chiropractic SEO strategy largely depends on the target keywords.

We start by creating a seed list of keywords, which are simply your occupation (chiropractor), the location of your practice, and your chiropractic services.

With this information extracted from your website and from our conversations with you, we’ll research using several tools to ascertain the exact keyword phrase to use for your homepage and service pages.

Competitor Analysis

Our packages don’t include blog creation and optimisation because traffic from across the UK, or the world for that matter, is irrelevant to most businesses.

However, chiropractors with great SEO performance for local keywords, such as “Chiropractor [Your Town]”, or those looking to expand across a region, or the UK, require blog content.

Unlike unscrupulous agencies that generate mediocre content using artificial intelligence that doesn’t generate website visitors, we focus on creating unique answers to popular questions with voice search and type search. By taking this approach, we’re confident your content will be ranking well in search engines for years to come.

One of the ways we identify the questions is by analysing local and national chiropractors’ websites, in particular, their top-performing pages. In most cases, it’s blog content, so we take some ideas before the next step: SERP analysis.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Analysis

Whether it’s commercial intent (seeds) or informational intent (competitor analysis), the success of Chiropractic SEO depends on whether the keyword is achievable for your domain. This is where SERP analysis helps to determine the right SEO keywords.

SERP analysis involves analysing each website that’s performing for a target keyword in the top 10 search engine results pages. Aspects of this involve domain authority, rating or trust, referring domains to the web page, and other aspects like the quality of the on-page SEO, and the content itself.

Following this analysis, if we determine your website can rank for a certain keyword, we add it as part of your strategy to dominate the search.

Content Optimisation

Content Analysis

Once search queries are confirmed for targeting, we begin to analyse the content of competitors. In the past, we had to manually count the density of every word, where the word was in the body, and whether it was one, two, three or more words that formed a phrase. Nowadays, we have software that does it for us.

Content Creation

Before writing new or editing your existing content, we read the website content of your top 3 performing competitors. This enables us to generate ideas of a similar nature, as well as spot opportunities to include information we would have liked to have seen.

In addition, we approach the content with a sales hat on too. This means we use some of the most regarded frameworks such as “problem, agitate, solve”, “awareness, interest, desire, action” amongst others to encourage your visitors to convert into patients.

On-Page Audit

Once you’ve approved it, and we’ve uploaded it, we run an on-page audit. This is really just a double-check that we’ve done the right things in the right places. Ultimately, we want your page to score higher than the top 10 websites, which are usually around 60/100. We typically achieve 90+. Included in the technical aspect, we add the relevant schema markup, which in most cases, is a local business schema, as well as meta data like titles and descriptions.

Building Backlinks

Local Citations

A significant part of SEO is backlinks. One of the main types of links we build for chiropractors, and any local business, for that matter, are local listings. To get these types of links, we add your business’s name, address, phone number, and website address (NAP information) to local business directories, such as Yell. Each business listing signals to Google that your business is genuinely located in the area, giving you a boost when patients search for a chiropractor.

Web Directories

We add your website to directories relevant to chiropractors. These are slightly different to the previous type because they typically send authority to your website. This means Google sees your website as more authoritative, and therefore, rewards you.

Guest Posts

Some of the most powerful backlinks come from quality guest articles. This is where we write an article and persuade a blogger to publish it on their site. If they publish it, you benefit from their domain authority as a portion is passed to your website. This tells Google that you’re an expert, authoritative and trusted in the local market on the topic of chiropractic care. In turn, Google will rank your site higher for relevant searches.

Niche Edits

Similar to guest articles, niche edits are a case of persuading bloggers to accept our edits of one of their existing blog posts. These can often be more powerful because the blog post is indexed, and therefore, performing in the search. Any solid SEO Plan will have a diverse link profile for maximum success on Google.

Supporting All Your Chiropractic Practice Marketing

Website Design for the Purpose of Generating Leads from all Channels, Including SEO

Most businesses have a site for the sake of it, but we develop them to achieve two goals: visibility on Google and growth in patients. So, if you’ve got a site that just isn’t achieving both of these goals, we’ll recommend starting from scratch.

Social Media Advice to Generate Leads without Selling

If you’re constantly posting requesting potential patients to contact you today, you might as well stop. When have you ever seen a post and decided to do that, ever?

Using social media must be carefully thought out to effectively build relationships, which means posting certain types of posts to evoke a certain response. That’s how we can help! We’ll share our advice on the best social selling techniques you can implement from day one.

Email Marketing to Increase Current Client Spending

Chiropractors can make the most of emails for remarketing their services, and it can be as easy or difficult as you make it.

If you choose us for Chiropractic SEO, we suggest clever email techniques which you could implement to encourage existing patients to spend more with you. In addition, we can help you remind previous patients that when pain strikes to think of your practice.

Google Business Profile to Amplify Phone Calls & Website Traffic

The truth is, we can only optimise your Google Business Profile so much without you being proactive (unless you have a special booking software), and that’s building reviews.

Reviews are the most important factor when it comes to ranking your listing on Google, but just getting reviews isn’t enough. It’s what they say that makes all the difference. Any chiropractor that works with us will be privy to industry knowledge to maximise their efforts.

Google Ads to Gain Clients Quick & Remind Them Constantly

Combining SEO with Google Ads can be a really effective strategy for working with more patients. With its search campaign or remarketing campaign, Google Ads done right is worth it.

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