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If you want to improve the smile of many more patients, then invest in SEO for Dentists from DigiVisi. 

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If you're a dentist, you may offer your patients a host of different services from orthodontics, dental implants, teeth whitening and veneers to general dentures and emergency dentistry. SEO for Dentists involves optimising every service web page so that potential patients searching for your services find you. You might only have a general services page, and in this case, we'll create new, highly targeted pages for every service you offer to get more traffic to your website and sales.

To give you an idea, there's an average of 5,400 searches a month for "teeth whitening dentists", 3,700 for "veneers dentists", and 27,100 for "dental implants" nationally. It's clear that your services are in demand, but it's unlikely you're operating nationally. So, it's a great idea to target searchers in your county as patients are likely to travel for the best dentist. 

With me, you'll only need page optimisation once because I do every important factor for every page. And, if it doesn't rank to page one, which is highly unlikely, I'll be working to optimise your site for free.

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Importance of SEO for Dentists

SEO for Dentists is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, patients use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex to search for the exact service they need or want. 71% of the time, they'll click on the web pages on the first page. So, if your dentistry website is showing on the first page, you're going to get clicks on your website. It effectively means that you'll increase the number of enquiries if you make it easier for them to contact or book. 

Secondly, once I've optimised your site entirely, you'll find that it doesn't typically need to be optimised again. That's because my packages are all-in-one and contain all of the essential factors to rank it. So, once you've invested with me, you won't have ongoing costs, but you'll continue to get enquiries and bookings. In fact, I did one client's site five years ago, and he's still ranking between the top three positions. 

As I mentioned earlier, your dentistry is likely to operate in a town but could offer your services county-wide. With local optimisation, your local listing in directories will also improve your visibility, as you're shown in the maps.

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