SEO for Driving Schools:
Creating Busy Driving Instructors

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SEO for Driving Schools

SEO for Driving Schools

Do you own a driving school? Does your driving school have a number of driving instructors who rely on you to keep them busy each week? Well, SEO for Driving Schools is a great way to promote your driving school in every local area where you have an instructor and need them to teach enough students to drive so they continue paying your franchise fee. If you know SEO is what you want and need for your driving school, check out our SEO Packages for Small Business. If not, continue reading to determine if it’s right for you.

SEO for Driving Schools or Google Ads?

Low Costs for Being Visible on Search Engines

Like Google Ads, SEO for Driving Schools and Instructors improves your website’s visibility. With Google Ads, you need to pay for every click, a popular advertising method known as pay-per-click, But, when you stop paying, your ads disappear, literally.

With SEO, every time a potential student clicks on your website, you’re not charged, at all! Best of all, once your website is in the top position, you typically don’t need to continue improving your SEO. Not only that, you’ll be visible on other search engines too. Of course, you should bear in mind that competitors may try harder to overtake you.

Keep More of Your Income

As small business owners ourselves, we know how painstaking it is to continue spending hard-earned money on advertising, which is why we’ve spent hundreds of hours on our own SEO. And, now that it’s done, we’re not only enjoying the results but replicating the results for driving instructors like you.

However, we must warn you. You can expect to pay us for several months to a year before you dominate your local search results. But, if you’re serious about improving your website for the longevity of your business, then we’re more than happy to help you with SEO.

Immediate Results with Google Ads

As much as we want to persuade you that SEO is worth spending on to improve your business’s visibility so that you get more leads, we also want to set your expectations. If you want quick results, perhaps PPC Management for Small Business is more suited to your current situation.

In our opinion, there’s nothing worse than a driving instructor saying that they’re not getting any more students as a result of our effort and expertise. So, it’s important that before you contact us that it can take several months or more, but when it happens, you’ll think we’re magicians, and good ones too.

However, if you need more students quickly, then you’ve probably guessed that SEO for Driving Instructors is not right for you at this stage. And, that’s okay! Instead, we advise Google Ads, and we’d still be happy to help you because you may be burnt if you don’t know what you’re doing!

SEO Tips for a Driving School

If you’re doing your own SEO for your driving school, then we’ve included our top tips to help you. While these are useful, SEO involves lots of other on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques.

Take Pictures of Passed Students Next to Your Vehicle

Every time a student passes their driving test, take a picture of them holding their certificate next to the vehicle they had for their driving lessons. This is great for posting on social media and building your social presence. In turn, not only will potential parents of other teens see the post, Google begins to trust your website more than a driving school that isn’t using social media.

In addition, you should regularly upload the images to your Google Business Profile and to your website to show Google that you want to provide the most accurate information to your potential customers regarding the success of your driving lessons. As a result of taking pictures of students who passed their test, you can significantly improve the presence of your driving school on Google.

Get Reviews from Passed Students on Your Google Business Profile

Like you and your driving instructors, your potential customers will check your reviews, especially if they weren’t referred to you by a friend. So, it’s good to build your reputation by encouraging your customers to write a review on your Google Business Profile.

Not only is this important for increasing conversions (enquiries for driving lessons), but to encourage Google to display your business profile in the map pack. This is the feature in the local search results where it shows a map and three businesses underneath it. The most important factor to rank in that space is 5-star reviews and lots of them.

Create Web Pages Dedicated to Parts of the Test

Google loves localised content. This is content that is relevant to your area.

One way your driving school can create localised content is by writing about some of the test routes. You could create a web page for a particular roundabout that proves challenging for students in their driving lesson.

The text must make references to the actual name of the roundabout, the names of the road that lead to it, why it’s difficult, and the best way to approach it. This is just an idea, but there are many other types of content you could write that’s localised to your area.

Why Choose SEO for Driving Schools with DigiVisi?

If you know a little bit about SEO, you’ll know that it’s not only complicated, but it’s time-consuming too. This means you know not to be fooled by SEO agencies that offer “a lot” for very little. And, if you’re tempted, you know the saying: “pay cheap, pay twice”. We’ll let you make up your own mind.

Sure, we’re not the cheapest, and we’ll be honest, we charge £50 for every hour we work on your website, but every phone conversion we have is free. Think about it: how long does it take you to create one web page? Probably three hours after you’ve read it a few times, asked for a second opinion and proofread it. So, that’s approximately £90s worth of your and your friends’ time (approx. £30 an hour for a driving instructor), and you don’t even know if the content will rank!

We’ll create content that’ll rank, and we even guarantee it! This is why we offer driving instructors a page one rank guarantee. Not only can we guarantee your website traffic growth and website ranking, but we can also be confident that you’ll be featured in the top three results on Google My Business.

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