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If you want to sell more arranged and unarranged cut flowers, giftware and plants, then invest in SEO for Florists from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Florists

If you run a florist shop, you know you're competing in a highly saturated market with approximately 11,500 florist enterprises, including those solely online. Between 2016 and 2020, revenue raised in the industry has fallen between 1 and 2% a year. However, the market is expected to grow from 2021 at a rate of 0.8%. It's mostly down to growth in online expenditure, which means your traditional business needs to be visible digitally. That's where SEO for Florists can enable you to take advantage of this area of growth. 

I help florists by optimising their website to get specific web pages higher in the search engines for the keywords their customers are using. For example, over 18,100 monthly searches for "florist for wedding", but is your business showing for this term? I understand that not every florist wants to sell to somebody on the other side of the country, so I also optimise their website to show for local searches like "florist near me", "florist for wedding [town/city/county]" and "florist [town/city/county]. You get the idea. 

SEO Services for Florists

Importance of SEO for Florists

We already know your market is expected to grow at 0.8% every year from 2021 due to increased online expenditure. I initially thought that's just for e-commerce florists. But it's not. That's because nearly 46% of all searches on Google are looking for local businesses. I can enable you to take advantage of it. If you choose not to, then you could see your target customers using e-commerce florists. They may never become your customers. How would you feel if your revenue was declining when your market is growing?

SEO for Florists is unlike any other promotional method. It's a long-term strategy. It may take several months to achieve your desired ranking. Still, your enquiries can be sustained for many years once completed. As local searches increase, so should your revenue. You pay per page or location instead of signing an ambiguous monthly contract as long as 6-months. You'll know when your pages are optimised because I report back to you, and then, you know exactly when to stop paying, unlike with contracts. That means you can increase your net profit as you reduce your promotional costs. 

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Benefits of SEO for Florists

There are lots of benefits of SEO for Florists. In fact, there's too many to tell you right now. So I've condensed it down to the most important. 

Firstly, it sends traffic to your website from people who actually want your flowers because they're searching for them right now. If you did a leaflet, how many of the houses you drop even want your flowers? How many leaflets have you wasted? Secondly, you don't pay for clicks like you would with Google Ads. That means you get enquiries without costing a penny for your advertising budget and management fees. Thirdly, search optimising gets more clicks than Google Ads because consumers trust these sites more than the adverts. So, that means more enquiries for each of your floristry services.

I think it's important to highlight some of the benefits when you partner DigiVisi, as well. First and foremost, I offer a rank guarantee, which is my promise to you that I'll rank your website to page one of the search results as a minimum. Obviously, we're aiming for number one, but it's impossible to guarantee as I'm not Google. Secondly, I offer total project cost, which means you pay per page and location, and you can increase or decrease your instalments as and when you see fit. Plus, if you feel we're not working out for you, then you're free to leave. 

SEO Services for Florists

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