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SEO for Gardeners

SEO for Gardeners

Are you a self-employed gardener, or do you have a team of gardeners? Do you need an evergreen method of gaining enquiries in your town and surrounding areas? SEO for Gardeners is one of the best digital marketing activities for a consistent flow of calls and form submissions.

If you know that SEO is exactly what you need for your gardening business, you may want to learn about our SEO Packages for Small Business. But, if you’re unsure and need more information, stay on this web page as we aim to answer your questions.

What is SEO for Gardeners?

SEO for Gardeners involves improving your website’s technical health, creating high-quality content about gardening, and building links from relevant gardening blogs. This allows your potential customers and Google to find your content and have a positive experience. 

In addition to improving over 200 factors that affect your website’s ranking in the search engine results pages, SEO involves completing your Google Business Profile and keeping it up-to-date. In return, Google rewards you with a high position in the map pack feature. 

How Does Gardener SEO Work?

Research for Garden Service Related Keywords

Before optimising your website, you must research keywords your potential customers are typing in Google. This is because it shapes everything on your website, from content to internal linking, to maximise your performance in the search engine. 

Keywords may include “Gardener [Your Town/City]” and “Gardening Services [Your Town/City]”. There are also keywords that are specific to a particular service within the category of gardening. For example, potential customers may search for “Mowing “Your Town/City]”. 

Create Content that Resonates with Prospects for Gardening Services

Once you know the gardening-related keywords, it’s time to create the content. This is one of the most important aspects of SEO, which many gardeners get wrong. 

Creating content involves sharing information about the service you provide, such as a description, the benefits, the expected results, your unique selling points, and testimonials.

Fixing All Technical Issues

Once you’ve created the relevant pages or added improved content to your existing pages, you should focus on fixing the technical errors and warnings. 

These issues are often highlighted on free reports provided by SEO agencies that give your site a score. The problems must be fixed because it significantly improves your users’ experience. 

When your potential customers can navigate around your site without any issues of broken links or slow page speeds, they begin to trust you. In addition, Google will trust your business’s website as it indicates that it’s less spammy and more care and thought was put into it.

Building Links for Gardening Blogs & Local Business Directories

As a gardening business that serves your local town and perhaps the surrounding areas too, you need to be listed on at least 80 local business directories. 

On average, gardening websites in the first position have at least 80 local citations. If you want a chance of ranking in the first position, you need at least 80 citations, and we build 160, so you’ve got an extra chance of climbing above them. 

Not only do you need to be listed on local business directories, but you also need to have backlinks from relevant gardening blogs. These are important because they send authority from the blogger to your website, and the higher your website’s authority, the more likely you are to rank. 

3 SEO Tips for Gardeners Websites

Ask for reviews from your garden customers

Building an online reputation partly involves asking customers to write a review of the service or a testimonial about you. If you send customers toward your Google Business Profile, your website’s traffic could grow by approximately 30%. This is because it only takes more total reviews of 5 stars than your competitors to rise above them if your profile has been fully optimised.

Take before and after photos of your clients’ gardens

Potential customers want to see how good your services are before they decide to go ahead with you. There’s no better way to show them than before and after pictures, especially when they can interact with them. 

Showing before and after shots on your website increases your ability to convert your traffic and encourages Google to show your gardening business’s website higher in the search results. This is particularly the case if your images are optimised.

Create detailed web pages of your gardening services

Content is king! The more content you have on your website, the more likely you will see potential customers on it. Of course, your content needs to be optimised, but that starts by describing your gardening services, the benefits of hiring you as their gardener, and including testimonials. 

Would You Like A Free Website Review?

If you’ve found the information helpful and would like to know what you could do to improve your website, request a free, no-obligation video review of your website. Go to our SEO Packages for Small Business web page and complete the form.