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If you want more membership signups for your local gym, then invest in SEO for Gyms from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Gyms

If you're a fitness instructor and run your own gym, you know that competition in your local area is intense. SEO for Gyms can help set you apart and allow you to get new memberships regularly. This is because it involves optimising your website to show at the top of the search results for the keywords budding gym-goers are searching. For example, "gym [town/city]". 

I work with gym owners on a per-page basis. It means you only pay for your important pages. More importantly, it's an all-in-one package that means you won't need your site optimised again. As I don't trap you into long monthly contracts, you'll receive a total project cost. You have the flexibility to increase or decrease the speed of optimising by changing the amount you invest. 

My industry is sadly populated with a lot of scammers who can significantly damage a website's ranking. It's easy to spot for me, but for you, pay close attention to the price and their claims. That's, of course, if you don't think I'm right for you. If you do, though, you'll benefit from my page one rank guarantee, which means I'll work for free to optimise your website if it doesn't reach that page. 

SEO for Gyms

Importance of SEO for Gyms

SEO for Gyms is not just about improving your website against 200 plus factors; it's also about enhancing your local digital visibility. That means your gym will be seen in the local map pack on Google. Searches will only look at the top three business's reviews, click through to their website or make a phone call directly. 

Like with the page package mentioned above, this all-in-one completed local optimisation package fully optimises your local presence. So that your gym is known about locally. That way, you'll get more membership signups without any of the hard work. Because there's nothing for you to do apart from asking your customers to write reviews once it's fully optimised by me. 

You'll only need this service once, so there are no ongoing costs for you once the location is completed. So, you'll benefit from increase long-term visibility with the expense. How does that sound?

Local SEO for Gyms

Benefits of SEO for Gyms

I'll be honest with you. Your gym can hugely benefit from SEO. Let me highlight some of the key benefits your competitors are utilising.

First, your gym will be found by consumers searching for a gym, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you could wake up in the morning with new enquiries for an introduction to your gym and new memberships.

Second, every enquiry you get from your website is free, unlike Facebook and Google Ads. That means you can reduce your ongoing promotional costs and see a healthier net profit.

Third, I won't trap you into a lengthy contract. Instead, you get a total project cost and a flexible instalment plan.

Lastly, I promise page one rankings but aim for number one. I'll work for free to get your site on page one if the service I recommended didn't achieve it for you.

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