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If you want more bookings for your rooms and conference rooms, then invest in SEO for Hotels from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Hotels

If you're a hotelier, SEO for Hotels can set you apart from the other hotels that just rely on websites like Whether you offer rooms, a gym, a spa, conference rooms for businesses, and the perfect venue for a couple's special wedding day, you want to be found in search engines like Google. Because that's how you'll get more of the customers that need your unique services and reduce your dependence on fee-based booking sites.

I provide hoteliers with a complete project cost. This means you know the cost from the outset, and you'll know when I've completed your site's optimisation. So, you know I won't be charging you for any services you don't need or trapping you into a long monthly contract. I do, however, offer you flexible monthly instalments, and you're free to stop at any time. 

When hoteliers follow through with the project from start to finish, they benefit from my rank guarantee. It's a promise to you that I'll get your website on page one of the search engines for your keywords. If I don't, I'll work for free, following the project, to get you to that page, if not at the top. 

SEO for Hotels

Local SEO for Hotels

Often, hotel seekers are looking for a place to stay in a particular area. That means they may use search engines like Google before looking at sites like Trivago for the best deal. Then double-check by searching for your brand and location. In this case, they should see your Google My Business listing, but what do they see at the moment?

Optimised local listings not only significantly support your website's position on the local search results page but develop trust, particularly if they're looking for more pictures. Suppose your listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and 15 other well-established, trusted directories are optimised for maximum visibility and trust. In that case, you could see more return website clicks and bookings from fence-sitters that had an extra nudge.

The best part is, I thoroughly optimise your listings for local visibility manually, which means your content on different sites is unique and boosts your site's ranking higher. You only need to pay once for the optimisation because it tends to hold the top three positions in the map search results.

Local SEO for Hotels

Benefits of SEO for Hotels

SEO for Hotels offers a variety of benefits for hoteliers. Firstly, you can get ahead of your competition because not all of your counterparts know they can manipulate search engines to increase their visibility. 

With increased visibility, you'll see an increase in website clicks as you attract more targeted visits to your hotel's website, the potential to turn more into guests increases. It's a little bit like a numbers game. 

As it's a long-term strategy, you could be seeing more bookings directly on your website for many years to come without the ongoing costs that many agencies charge hoteliers. This means your revenue will increase as well as your profitability by reducing other methods of promotion.  

SEO Services for Hotels

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