SEO for IT Companies

If you want to provide more IT support for more local businesses, then invest in SEO for IT Companies from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for IT Companies

Do you have your own IT company and looking for a promotional method to generate recurring leads from your website without an ongoing cost? SEO for IT Companies involves improving your website for all the keywords your target markets are using to find your services. Once your site is optimised, it doesn't usually require further optimisation in markets with low competition. 

I offer IT specialists an all-in-one package that includes the essential factors from a list of over 200 for every relevant page on their website. It means you only need to invest in the pages you need optimising, which can be new or existing pages to capitalise on a range of keywords. As I work with you on a page-by-page basis, there's no long monthly contract for you to sign. Instead, you'll know the cost from the outset and have the flexibility to increase or decrease your instalments to complete the project.

To remove all the risk, I offer a rank guarantee. This promises to get your web pages on the first page of the search engines as a minimum. Of course, I'll aim for number one, but I cannot make a promise because I'm not a search engine. 

SEO for IT Companies

Local SEO for IT Companies

Usually, companies that provide IT support services operate in their local area and surrounding towns. This cries out the need for local optimisation.

It's a case of optimising your Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and Apple Maps. When these are optimised, it not only helps boost your website's position, but these listings show higher in the map packs in the search result.

This increases your digital visibility and results in increased website visits and calls directly to you or your sales team. Of course, the more leads your receive, your or your team have more opportunities to close more deals. A healthier top line is always ideal, would you agree?

In addition to the well-trusted listings mentioned above, I claim, list and manually optimise 15 local directories. This also supports your website in the local search results and has the absolute power to dominate your competitors digitally.

Local SEO for IT Companies

Benefits of SEO for IT Companies

SEO for IT Companies can be incredibly beneficial when it's done right. Firstly, it's a long-term strategy, so once your site is optimised, you can see it climb and hold its position in the search engines for many years. Ultimately, you could see a steady stream of enquiries from local businesses that need your support services and turn them into sales. Best of all, you won't be investing with me over all these years so that you could see more significant green numbers on your bottom line. 

Secondly, the search engines change their algorithms regularly, which means some sites implementing unethical techniques take a hit on their rankings. However, the methods I implement are considered white hat and have been for years, and therefore, your site should not be hit by algorithm adaptations. 

Lastly, with DigiVisi, all optimisation is carried out per page and location, so it's easier to see exactly the work that I've carried out and prevent you from overpaying for unnecessary services. This way, I can ensure you get the best return-on-invest in your website's search improvements. 

SEO Services for IT Companies

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