SEO for Landscapers:
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SEO for Landscapers

SEO for Landscapers

You’ve worked hard on your website for your landscaping business, or your web designer recently launched your “SEO-friendly” site. But it’s not ranking as high as you’d like for the keywords that matter most.

It’s incredibly frustrating when you put so much time and money into it, only to find out it’s not optimised for Google and that potential customers are not seeing it. Especially when you know you have a landscaping service, and it doesn’t get the deserved attention.

Our SEO for Landscapers takes care of everything, from improving your site’s technical elements like page speed and internal links to creating content that ranks and converts your visitors into paying customers. We also throw power and authority at your website by building high-quality links like local citations and performing guest blogging on your behalf.

If you’re interested, you can find out more on our SEO Packages for Small Business web page.

Benefits of SEO for Landscapers

Be Seen On Google for Your Services

It’s more important than ever to be seen on Google. With SEO, your landscaping business could see an increase of 65% in organic traffic. Adding Local Service Ads and Google Search Ads, you could see up to 100% of searches land on your website.

Constant Flow of Enquiries

We know the importance of receiving new enquiries daily and weekly because you need to fill your calendar. Relying on one or two marketing methods is not the safest way to spread your risk. Imagine if Checkatrade stops all of a sudden, or the leads become worse.

Long-Term Performance

If SEO for Landscapers is performed correctly from the outset, your site is likely to perform for your keywords for years to come. It’s important that it’s done properly from the start because you won’t need to do it again until it drops.

3 Top SEO Landscaping Tips

Create Localised Content

One of the most important ranking factors for any website is content. In your case, as a landscaper, it’s locally relevant content. This means referring two the location, the types of grass, soil and materials.

By being more relevant to your potential customers, you’re being more helpful, and Google rewards websites for that reason.

Amazing Before and After Shots

The nature of your business allows you to take photographs of rather distressed gardens and greenery and then take pictures of the finished results.

Before uploading them to your website, accurately describe the images in single words like “Tidy Garden Wooden Decking Painted Fence”. This helps your image show on Google Images and supports your website’s rankings.

Create a Page for Each Service

You might think it’s sufficient because you’ve listed every service on your homepage or services pages. However, Google loves great content, and you need to make them love you by writing it.

You need a dedicated page with at least 500 words of well-written content for every service, from garden design to flower bed planting. Knowing what to write is a challenge, but start by looking at your competitors in your area, then further afield.

Would You Like A Free Website Review?

If you’ve found the information helpful and would like to know what you could do to improve your website, request a free, no-obligation video review of your website. Go to our SEO Packages for Small Business web page and complete the form.