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SEO for Locksmiths by DigiVisi

If you’re a locksmith, you know how important it is to receive as many leads as you can each and every day. SEO for Locksmiths is one of the tools you should have in your toolbox. 

While it isn’t and shouldn’t be viewed as the be-all and end-all marketing tactic, it can certainly help you generate more leads when implemented correctly. And, by this, we mean, presenting your business as the trusted expert in both your potential customers’ eyes and Google’s. 

So, we take an all-in-one approach to optimise your website, which includes Technical, On-Page and Off-Page SEO. From improving its load speed to content that flows through to images optimised for your geographic location and citations on local business directories. 

If you’d like to find out more about our SEO for Locksmiths, feel free to get in touch, either by giving us a call or completing the form with any questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Become the No. 1 Locksmith

If your business is not performing in the first position on Google Search and the Google Map Pack, you’re not going to generate very many leads. This is why we strive to achieve this position by implementing proven tactics throughout your website and Google Business Profile.

Proven Results from SEO for Locksmiths

SJ Locksmiths

SJ Locksmiths is based in Bromley, which is a brilliant location due to the high volume of searches. Before taking them on as a client, I had performed initial keyword research to ensure SEO was the right tactic to implement. Had there been insufficient search volume, I advised them to consider alternative methods. 

You can learn more about this project here on our dedicated case study web page.

Mr Car Locksmith

Mr Car Locksmith is based near Birmingham and covers a rather large radius around the city. For this client, the focus was on creating a number of high-quality service pages, and then location pages. They are all interlinked to add value to the potential customer.

SEO for Locksmiths Ranking Report Results

Not only that, we added advanced conversion tracking to ascertain how well the site was performing, even if it wasn’t in the first position for our target keywords. This is because there are hundreds of keyword variations searched from these areas, which we weren’t tracking. Due to tracking organic telephone conversions, I could see they were generating around 30 enquiries a month.

SEO for Locksmiths Conversion Data Reports

SEO for Locksmiths wasn’t the only service we provided; we regularly support Mr Car Locksmith with Google Ads. Using a dedicated landing page built on a separate domain, we manage their ad copy, keywords and bid adjustments. On average, each month they generate an additional 50 enquiries. 

Google Ads Conversion Data

If you’d like to experience the same results, then get in touch for free advice.