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If you want to get found and produce more items, then invest in SEO for Manufacturing from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Manufacturing

If you operate a manufacturing business, you can get ahead of your competitors because it's likely they're stuck using the tried-and-tested traditional promotion methods. SEO for Manufacturing has been around for a while. But, only the most forward-thinking companies like yours are using it to their advantage. 

Whether you operate in the food, textile, apparel, leather, wood, paper, plastics, electronics manufacturing industry, my packages have the power to get your website at the top for the keywords your customers are searching. This is because it's a complete page package, which means every relevant page on your site receives technical, on-page and off-page optimisation covering almost 200 factors. 

In some cases, it involves re-designing your website. In other cases, it could just be optimising your existing pages and creating new pages to take advantage of different keywords. To find out what your business needs, request my free personalised video. 

SEO for Manufacturing

Local SEO for Manufacturing

Unfortunately, a lot of your potential customers find manufacturers overseas. According to Make it British, their main reasons are that you're challenging to find, and therefore, they feel left with having to pay for a list of manufactures. 

It's clear that your target market wants to produce locally, but they need to find you first. In addition to optimising your website for the keywords they use, like "textile manufacturer" if you produce textiles, I also build your digital presence for local searches. It means your site can rank for your type of manufacturing business in all the major towns and cities, depending on your budget. It could be "textile manufacturer Manchester". 

By doing it, they can find you and avoid paying for a list. One of the most significant benefits here is that your competitors aren't doing it, so your customer has less choice unless they decide to pay for a list. 

To support ranking locally, this package includes full optimisation of Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and Apple Maps, as well as 15 other powerful directories. 

Local SEO for Manufacturing

Benefits of SEO for Manufacturing

Unlike other agencies, I provide a full project proposal that includes the total cost. It means I don't require you to sign a long monthly contract. Instead, I offer you the flexibility to increase and decrease your instalments throughout the project.

As the proposal is based on per-page and per-location optimisation, your web pages get the complete treatment. This is incredibly powerful. It ultimately means that you shouldn't need your site optimised once I've done it for you. Therefore, no ambiguous ongoing costs.

I also remove all the risks to you. This is by offering your a rank guarantee that I'll get your website on page one of the search results in significant search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. I work for free if my packages don't achieve it for you. Of course, I'll aim for number one, but I cannot guarantee that position because I'm not Google; I manipulate it.

SEO Services for Manufacturing

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