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SEO for Solicitors by DigiVisi

You’re a solicitor, and you know your skills are in high demand, but potential clients can’t find your website, so you’re relying on networking and expensive ads. While networking and ads can be effective, it constantly requires your time, so when you begin to run out of time, your pipeline of prospects dries up.

SEO for Solicitors by DigiVisi is a perfect solution for passively attracting prospects. Whether you specialise in family law or you’re the principal solicitor of a law firm with a variety of specialisms, we can help you generate enquiries every hour of every day for every aspect of your practice whether you’re based in Kent or anywhere in the UK.

Become the No.1 Solicitor in Your Area

You know that being the first solicitor for your specialism or the first law firm in your town or city will make all the difference between an unsuccessful and successful SEO campaign. Whether it’s “Family Law Kent” or “Solicitor Kent”, we’ll perform extensive keyword research and analysis to ascertain the exact requirements to rank number.

Using several tools, we analyse the content of every web page ranking on the first page of the search engine for the target keyword. This forms the guideline in terms of the amount of content to write, the headings to use, the latent-semantic keywords, plus significantly more information. At this point, we’ll analyse the web pages’ backlink profiles to know how many and of what quality we need to build for you.

Dominate the Search Results for All Your Services Locally

The objective of our service is to rank all of your services because we know this’ll help you gain the most qualified traffic. Using your list of services, we conduct keyword research to form a priority list and work our way through it. Starting campaigns with popular queries is our way of gaining rankings for the most profitable search terms first.

Enabling Law Firms to Expand Throughout their County or the UK

Law firms with exceptional rankings for local search queries may want to think about expanding across the UK. With several strategies available, we can enable you to successfully grow your law firm.

From establishing a content marketing campaign providing answers to popular questions to creating hundreds of local service pages to attract local residents and businesses, the choice is yours.

But, more importantly, our all-in-one SEO services have the power to rank your web pages to the first position. So, whichever option you choose, we’re confident you’ll experience incredible SEO success.

Building a Strong Search Engine Presence + More…

Review of Google Ads and Advice

We support our clients by offering a complimentary review of their Google Ads. The aim of this service is to identify inefficiencies that are limiting the number of conversions or causing the cost of conversion to be higher than it should.

Review of Social Media Ads and Advice

We’ll also review your efforts with paid social media ads as a complimentary add-on to our services so that you can achieve even more success in addition to SEO marketing.

Review of Social Selling and Advice

We know lawyers use LinkedIn to attract commercial prospects, but Facebook for individuals. Social selling is powerful if it’s done right, so we offer a free consultation to help you improve this area of your business too.

Why Solicitor SEO by DigiVisi?

All-in-One SEO Packages

Every campaign includes the three pillars of SEO: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. This ensures we address all 200+ ranking factors to ensure we rank your website to the first position for the target keywords.

Website Health Score of 70+

Improving your website health score is an essential part of Technical SEO. This largely involves fixing errors and warnings that are preventing your website from achieving its full potential. We strive for a score of at least 70 out of 100 by addressing various issues on a monthly basis. Once we’ve achieved it, we continue to improve it.

Content Quality Score of 70+

Creating content is not as simple as writing a web page or blog post. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of analysis that goes into it. Fortunately, we use advanced SEO tools that significantly speed up the time it takes to analyse the top 10 performing web pages for any given keyword. We not only use this information, but we carry out extensive research by reading the web pages and finding opportunities to add new, fresh information to create a score of at least 70 out of 100.

160 Local Citations

Solicitors with a website that’s ranking in the first position have 85 local citations; we build up to 160 to give you a fighting chance of overtaking them. These include sites like Yell and Apple Maps, for instance. This service is part of our packages as well as standalone.

Backlinks from Blog of 20+ Domain Authority

Most solicitors have great relationships within their community and have naturally acquired links from local businesses. Whether it’s sponsoring a sports club or a charity, you support with a percentage of profits. But, this isn’t always enough to rise to the top. So, we research relevant blogs and persuade them to link to your website to boost your authority.

Google Business Profile

We’ll optimise your business profile so that you have a fighting chance of ranking in the top three map results as well as provide advice to support our efforts because we can’t necessarily get reviews, but we can advise on the wording of reviews you should receive.

Why DigiVisi As Your SEO Company?

Joint SEO Campaign Planning

We’ll work with you to determine the goals, services and locations to target in which order.

Agree on the Keywords to Target

We’ll share the data for each suggested keyword so you can make an informed decision.

Option to Review Content

We’ll give you the option to review what we write at no extra charge before publishing it.

Accurate Traffic and Rankings Reporting

We’ll report on the performance using data from different tools.


We don’t always deliver our services by performing optimisation. In some cases, we consult with lawyers or their teams to guide their efforts in improving their website’s performance.

Case Study of Doswell Law

Doswell Law Ltd requested our SEO service. Their SEO objective was to rank number one in three areas: Ashford, Canterbury, and Maidstone. We also advised them to use their homepage to target the county of Kent.

We began optimising the text and images on established pages for the target keywords, which were “Employment Solicitor [Location]”, having identified it as being the most popular variation. Once we had optimised the on-page elements, we built the required number of links to these pages, so that they effectively compete in the search engine.

Today, Doswell Law Ltd rank in the first position for all the target keywords and has for 9 months following the completion of this SEO objective. See the full case study.

Would You Like A Free Audit?

If you’ve found the information helpful, request a free, no-obligation video review of your site. Go to our SEO Packages for Small Business web page and complete the form.