SEO for Wholesalers

If you want to sell more of your goods to other businesses looking for them right now, then invest in SEO for Wholesalers from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Wholesalers

Whatever you stock in your warehouse, SEO for Wholesalers can get you found by retailers looking to stock your products in their shop or website. This is because I optimise over 200 technical, on-page, off-page and local factors that have the power to enable you to dominate the search engines. 

This all-in-one package includes the essential factors to improve one web page at a time. It means I don't trap you into a monthly contract. Instead, you invest in optimising every page as per the proposal that I send, adjust and agree with you. This way, you know the total cost from the outset and have the flexibility to increase or decrease your investment as regularly or infrequently as you like. 

Because it's a complete package for each of your web pages, you'll find that they won't need to be optimised again for a few years. I've got who've still maintained the top positions on the search engine results page, having completed the project five years ago. The best part is: I guarantee you'll rank on page one for your keywords. And, if not, I'll do everything I can behind the scenes to get you there. 

SEO for Wholesalers

Local SEO for Wholesalers

As you've got a physical location that your customers can visit source products for their retail shop or e-commerce website, it would be a wise decision to invest in local optimisation. This process enables your website to rank higher for localised keywords and put your business in the top three positions in the map results.

Not only does it enable rank your website higher, but it also helps you build their trust. That's because optimised business listings online can set you apart from other wholesalers. In this case, clients can find themselves welcoming more customers to their warehouse because it's easy to see you and get customers to drive to you.

This package is a one-time investment like the page package above so that you won't see ongoing payments. The premium plus package includes claiming and optimising Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Apple Maps, and 15 other trusted local directories.

Local SEO for Wholesalers DigiVisi

Benefits of SEO for Wholesalers

SEO for Wholesalers can help you build your business's awareness amongst your potential customers outside of directories like The Wholesaler. It's particularly beneficial for targeting specific keywords like the products you sell rather than a general term like a wholesaler. 

With DigiVisi, there are no ongoing payments once the project is completed. This means you could see your top-line growth for years to come without an additional expense. Depending on whether you're using other promotional methods or not, you could see bottom-line growth as well. 

I've seen a lot of wholesalers use Google Ads for keywords that I could rank for them. In some cases, for less than their advertising budget and the management fee an agency charges them. This is because optimising a website is a long-term strategy that doesn't achieve instant results but results over a more extended period for less. What would you prefer?

SEO Services for Wholesalers

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