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What is SEO Maidstone?

SEO Maidstone is the process of improving over 200 factors on and off your local business’s website, and an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. 

It involves researching for keywords searched by potential customers, creating or editing content to meet searchers’ needs, fixing technical errors and warnings like slow load speeds, and adding your business’s details across the web. 

SEO Maidstone will increase your local business’s position in the search results when a potential customer searches keywords related to your services.

An example is if you’re a locksmith, you’re likely to want to rank highly for “Locksmith Maidstone” because it’s searched by a whopping 1,000 times each month. 

Another example is if you’re a florist, you’ll probably want to rank highly for “Florist Maidstone” as it’s searched a staggering 880 times each month. 

SEO Maidstone isn’t just about ranking your local business’s website highly in the organic search results but also helping you to become visible in the map pack feature. 

This is because you can receive over 65% of the searches to your website rather than a competitor.

You might be wondering why it’s not a higher percentage of clicks, and that’s because some searches will click on ads and different websites depending on the meta title and meta description. 

Unlike Google Ads, though, you won’t be paying every time a potential customer clicks on your website. 

Using the same example above, if you’re a locksmith in the first position on the map and organic search results, you’ll see 650 clicks for free. 

If you paid Google, it would cost you between £2.29 and £10.84 per click, which is a total of £1,488.50 or £7,046.00, respectively. 

SEO Maidstone can enable your website to receive many clicks without costing you a fortune every month.

Benefits of SEO Maidstone

Website Visitors Ready to Become Your Customers

Without SEO, your website will not receive traffic unless you spend hundreds of pounds each month on Google Ads or spend hours commenting on local business groups on social media like Facebook.

SEO puts your business directly in front of potential customers when they’re ready to buy your services, making them more likely to become your customers without needing to do anything. 

SEO Costs Less than Google Ads

It may take several months, sometimes as long as a year, to gain a high position on the first page, but the monthly costs are less than what it would cost for the same results with Google Ads. 

In addition, once you’re performing in the top positions, you can either scale back or completely stop, and your website will still be in the same place for years to come. With Google Ads, you’d have to continue paying to be visible. 

Saves a Huge Amount of Time

SEO Maidstone is a huge time saver because you can reduce or stop other promotional activities such as posting in Facebook Groups or distributing leaflets in the ME14, ME15, ME16, ME17 and ME18 postcodes. 

Instead, you can sit back and wait for the enquiries to come flooding in via form submissions or phone calls from prospects actively searching for your services.

Why Choose DigiVisi’s SEO Services Maidstone

Page 1 Rank Guarantee

We guarantee every Maidstone-based business that they’ll rank on page one as a minimum. If not, we’re the only SEO company in Kent that’ll work for free until it does. Typically, our clients secure the top three positions, so we’ve not had to implement the guarantee so far.

Tailored All-in-One SEO Packages

We offer tailored, all-in-one SEO packages to your monthly budget, including everything to get your website to 1st position as quickly as possible using techniques that comply with Google’s Guidelines.

No Contracts Whatsoever

We don’t tie you into fixed monthly contracts that drag on for as long as 12 months. Instead, you choose each month whether you want to continue or not.

Communication Promise

You’ll never need to chase us to find out how you’re performing on Google or what we’ve been up to, for that matter. We’re fully transparent by sharing email updates and reports as and when we receive them from our software.

8-Years of Experience

We can officially call ourselves SEO experts as we’ve got over 8-years of experience ranking websites just like yours to the number one spot. Every technique published has been tried-and-tested, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Proven Techniques

Our sole purpose is to rank your website as quickly as possible with the monthly budget you can afford, so we use proven techniques whether you invest £100 or more than £1,000 every month. In fact, the same techniques we implement on your website, we’ve already used on ours. 

Contact Us for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation

If you’re interested in gaining more leads from your website, get in touch by calling 01227 678056 or emailing [email protected] for a free consultation. We’ll answer all of your questions and advise on the best plan of action. If you decide to go ahead with us, we’ll offer you a preferential rate. Alternatively, you can contact Nick via LinkedIn.

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