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Increase Your Customer Base with Powerful & Affordable SEO Packages for Small Business

If you’re on this web page, you don’t have the time or money to invest in SEO, which is why your website’s organic traffic and enquiries are low.

You may be over-reliant on word-of-mouth or helping the rich get richer (shareholders of Alphabet) without realising it by spending on overpriced clicks with Google Ads.

Not investing in SEO is a huge mistake because you’re missing out on 65% of potential customers who are actively searching for your goods or services, clicking on the organic search results and becoming your competitors’ customers for free.

We offer small businesses an effective SEO strategy whereby they become visible on the Google search results for relevant keywords their target audience is typing daily.

This includes our unique SEO strategy to rank your web pages for keywords searched nationally and locally for long-term results.

So, if you want to build a customer base in your surrounding towns, or better support your franchise across the UK, there isn’t a better SEO company than ourselves to do the job.

Once we’ve achieved the desired results, you won’t need to invest with us anymore. You’ll stay ranking there for years to come benefiting from a consistent flow of free enquiries from your website.

Free SEO Audit Video

If you don’t understand the major factors that form SEO such as Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, we recommend requesting our one-of-a-kind no-obligation, free SEO audit video.

We’ll personally review your website and offer ‘quick wins’ to improve rankings, conversions and make more sales, as well as highlight the issues with the technical, content and backlink profile aspects.

By the end of our highly informative and completely free SEO audit video, you’ll have a better understanding of the good and bad aspects of your website from an experienced SEO consultant’s perspective.

In case you’re wondering, we share these confidentially.

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We’re available to answer any questions

Choose the Type of SEO Package

Cheap SEO Packages

Our Cheap SEO Packages are low monthly payments for up to a day of our time.

It’s ideal for local businesses that have a strong online reputation and links with other businesses throughout their community. However, it’s also suitable for a brand new local business that’s willing to be patient for at least 6-months.

These SEO packages start from just £97 a month.

Affordable SEO Packages

Our Affordable SEO Packages contribute to rapid business growth with up to three days of our time each month.

These SEO packages are ideal for any new small business that wants customers from their website within 6 months. It’s also ideal for an existing small business that wants to target multiple locations or national search queries.

Starting from £297 a month.

Included in the Small Business SEO Packages

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign.

Using advanced SEO tools, we’ll conduct keyword research and analyse their relevancy and difficulty to determine whether they should be included or not.

It’s an essential part of the SEO process to ensure the keywords align with the SEO strategy.

For example, your goal may be to target long-tail keywords searched nationally as opposed to long-tail keywords searched locally, so the SEO strategy to achieve it is slightly different.

Website Content Creation & Optimisation

Following keyword research, we focus on website content creation and optimisation.

Using a different SEO tool than the one we use for keyword research, we can efficiently check the content quality of your competitors and the density of various keywords beyond the target keyword.

We then write content targeting the main keyword using data to inform us what to include and how to include it to achieve the best results, rather than writing blindly and hoping for the best.

This enables your website’s visibility to improve as major search engines, particularly Google, rank your web pages higher in the search engine results pages.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a part of our keyword research and content creation.

We run a number of competitors through an SEO tool to quickly identify their top web pages and the keywords they’re targeting that are generating significant organic traffic.

Then, we determine whether the keywords are relevant and possible for your website to gain search engine rankings.

If we determine that your website is likely to be indexed and show highly in search engine results, we’ll analyse their content using a different tool to create an even better piece.

Competitor analysis saves us hours of keyword research because your competitors have already done it, saving you a significant amount of money.

Link Building

Search engines need to trust your website before they can display it highly in the search results. Google, and other search engines, want their searchers to have a positive experience to continue using the search engine, so they can generate more advertising revenue.

In order to build trust, your website needs high-quality links from other websites. Links from other websites act as votes of confidence and help search engines trust you. However, not every type of link is safe, some can make you disappear from search engines, particularly Google.

At DigiVisi, we only practice white hat link building, which includes adding your business’s contact details on local business directories and contacting real bloggers of real blogs to share your website in an article we write or edit on your behalf.

We use several tools to evaluate the quality of each website and refer to various metrics, including domain authority, organic positions, organic traffic and the overall look and feel of a website.

At DigiVisi, we steer clear of pointless private blogging networks, web 2.0s creations like Blogspot, spamming blog comments, and link farms where 1000s of links can be bought for £2. These are all ineffective, which is why they’re super cheap on Fiverr!

Technical SEO

Most small businesses are mis-sold websites. They’re told it’s SEO-friendly, but a website cannot be SEO-friendly. It either has or has not been SEOed. SEO-friendly is often mis-sold as your website is optimised for search engines, but it’s not the case, ever!

Technical SEO is one aspect that most website designers and developers can do with a basic understanding of SEO. For example, follow internal linking best practices by having links in headers, footers and contextually through your website to make it easier for users to navigate.

However, with keyword research, the site’s structure may not be set up to maximise your online visibility on any search engine, keywords won’t be used in the URL, meta title or meta description, and certainly in the right pages on a given web page.

In addition, images tended to be uploaded to a standard gallery page with generic numerical file names that certainly add no benefit to searchers, let alone ranking websites. Site speed is often poor, and links are often broken.

And this is where our SEO packages add a huge amount of value; we fix it all!


At DigiVisi, we recognise it’s hard to fully trust an SEO agency when you don’t fully understand how it all works.

So, we share the SEO audits with you, showing you a before and after situation. This includes a technical SEO audit highlighting your website’s health score to a content SEO audit for every web page we work on for you.

In addition to the before and afters, we update you on a weekly basis with a ranking report, showing you the changes in your web page positions on the Google search results.

How the Small Business SEO Packages Work

Admin Access to Your Business Website

Before we can start any SEO campaign, we need admin access to your website. This allows us full functionality without any limitations to deliver the best SEO service. We dedicate time throughout the month to fix technical errors and warnings and upload new content.

Google Business Profile Invitation

If you want us to improve your Google Business Profile listing, you’ll need to add the add-on to any package for an additional fee. Should you wish to feature in the map pack, then you’ll need to invite us via our email address to make optimisation improvements.

Invitation to Google Analytics & Google Search Console

We’ll need you to invite us to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Google Analytics helps us understand your potential customers’ behaviour on your website to make improvements. For example, a high bounce rate indicates something is wrong with the content, or the lead magnet isn’t quite right.

Search Console provides us with the exact keywords your potential customers are using to find your website, as well as the overall improvements in impressions.

Importance of an Affordable SEO Package for a Small Business

Local SEO is a Long-Term Strategy

Local SEO is a long-term strategy, which means your web pages’ search engine rankings can maintain their positions for many years following the optimisation. However, the results aren’t immediate once optimisation begins.

In most cases, you’ll need to practice patience and wait several months to see meaningful results. This is why it’s important to choose one of the affordable SEO packages, but the more you invest in our SEO services, the faster the results.

Get a Return on Investment, And Even More

Once your web pages are performing highly in the organic search results for relevant keywords related to your services, you’ll begin to see an increase in website traffic. This increase in website traffic will likely lead to an increase in enquiries by phone and form submission.

Over time, the value of enquiries will cover your investment and generate significantly more revenue. This will likely continue for years following optimising your website content along with other ranking factors.

Actively Using Other Online Marketing Strategies

We strongly believe in the power of SEO to consistently gain leads from your website over a long period without the need to continue optimising it.

Having said that, it shouldn’t be the only online marketing strategy you use to drive traffic to your website. This means carefully using your budget across other digital marketing channels like social media, for instance.


We’re An SEO Company, Not An SEO Agency

DigiVisi Ltd is based in Herne Bay, Kent, in the South East of England. We’re effectively an SEO freelancer in the legal form of an SEO company in Kent.

It means there’s just one highly skilled and experienced chap doing all your optimisation, and your account most certainly won’t be passed to a trainee account manager learning the ropes like at some SEO agencies and SEO companies.

Every client has an impact on our top line, so we take an active role in supporting you with the overall promotion of your business, so you continue to partner with us. We can advise you in other areas of digital marketing or perform it on your behalf.