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Grow Your Business with Affordable SEO Packages

If you’re a business owner, you know that generating leads can be tough.

You also know that if you don’t have enough leads, you and your business are going to suffer.

What if I told you that I could guarantee you higher website rankings, more qualified website traffic, and a consistent flow of enquiries with our affordable SEO packages?

With over 8 years of experience and hundreds of trusted clients, we can confidently say that we can get your website on page one.

Using advanced SEO tools, sharing before and after reports and weekly keyword monitoring, you’ll see the progress for yourself.

If you’re interested in increasing your website rankings and generating more leads for your business, see the packages and prices now.

Free SEO Audit Video

We’re offering you a free SEO audit with no obligation to join us.

Your personalised SEO audit will show you the results of your website’s technical audit, content audit and backlink audit.

This’ll highlight your website’s good and not-so-good aspects from an SEO perspective, so you can see the volume of optimisation required to achieve better search engine rankings.

Customers Say…

“I feel as if I want to keep this awesome team a secret because of what Nick has achieved in a couple of months is insane.”
 The FX Works, Bath

“Personal service has been nothing short of amazing, always has time for you and is quick to respond.”
 GutterPlus, Harrogate 

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We’re available to answer any questions

SEO Consultant for Affordable SEO Packages

Your SEO Consultant

DigiVisi is a micro SEO company, so Managing Director, Nick Holmes, will be your dedicated SEO consultant who you can contact 7 days a week.

He has over 8 years of experience with Local SEO, National SEO and eCommerce under employment with several companies with over several million in revenue. He has also worked on hundreds of local business websites.

With his low-cost SEO packages, he’ll implement the same proven and effective SEO strategy on your business website. You can gain more organic traffic from higher web page rankings and grow your customer base.

SEO Statistics

  • Searches on Google in the UK Compared to Other Search Engines (Statcounter) 91.4% 91.4%
  • Web Pages Without Search Traffic (Ahrefs) 91% 91%
  • Searchers that Don’t Go Past the First Page of Google (HubSpot) 75% 75%
  • Clicks to the First Position on Google (Backlinkio) 32% 32%
  • Searches for Local Businesses that Result in a Call or Visit in 24 Hours (HubSpot) 88% 88%

Included in Our Affordable SEO Packages

We’ve included everything local businesses need to climb the local search results in our affordable SEO services and packages. This means we can guarantee a page one Google ranking for the targeted keywords.


Keyword Research

Every successful SEO campaign begins with extensive keyword research and analysis. This allows us to identify opportunities to gain more search engine rankings and drive more relevant traffic to your website. Each of our SEO packages include keyword approval, where you can see the monthly search volume.

Content Creation & Optimisation

Following keyword research, content creation and optimisation (On-Page SEO) is essential to a successful SEO campaign. We create optimised content with a score of 65+ to enable you to gain many organic ranking positions to drive organic traffic to your website. Each affordable SEO package from 5 and above includes content approval before publishing.

Competitor Analysis

A successful SEO strategy includes competitor analysis. We’ll run your competitors’ websites through various tools to ensure your technical health score is better, your website targets the same relevant keywords with even better content, and have the same or similar backlinks to build authority in your industry.

Link Building

Every SEO package includes link building, which is Off-Page SEO. Our low-cost SEO packages include various link building tactics. From simple local citations and web directories to advanced link building via guest posts and niche edits on relevant websites to your industry. This allows your web pages to climb the organic search results for more challenging keywords.

Technical SEO

Each of our monthly SEO packages includes Technical SEO. This includes load speed optimisation to internal linking optimisation so that your potential customers have an even better experience on your website. We focus on internal linking because it’s the best way to pass authority between your pages to help them gain higher search engine rankings.


All of our affordable SEO services include reporting. We report as and when we make changes on your website; you can expect to see before and after shots. In addition, we share weekly keyword monitoring reports, so you can see your online visibility growing. This complements the information you should already be receiving from Google Search Console.

I got in touch with Nick for his Google ads services for my therapy/ counselling practice, based on a recommendation from someone who had previously had a great experience working with Nick in a different sector. Nick is very attentive and keeps in touch through the whole process. Within less than a week of our initial conversation my Google ads were live and bringing in new clients. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone, he is very detailed in his work. Thank you for everything!
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson
Nick from Digivisi offered the opportunity to join a workshop that he was hosting to help businesses like our MAT Ltd to make the most out of our Google Business Profiles and a better understanding of how SEO works. He provided a wealth of information and tips, but most importantly, he showed that he understood each business is different and is at a different point in their journey. Nick’s advice was aimed at allowing us to help ourselves as far as reasonable and I learned a stack of useful stuff, most of which I’m capable of putting into practice myself. Or, I could choose to engage DigiVisi to continue Nick’s great work!
Pete Francis
Pete Francis
I represent a online NLP & hypnotherapy training school called Integrated Changeworks. Nick came to do a guest workshop to educate our members on how to improve their SEO. Everyone agreed that he delivered a fantastic session and we all learned some valuable insights and tips. I would highly recommend his services as he definitely knows his stuff. Thanks again Nick, we will get you back for a follow up session soon.
James Banfield
James Banfield
A big thank you Nick for last nights SEO CPD. I shall work through your workbook with far more understanding and confidence. (One Life Your Life Hypnotherapy.)
susanne leigh
susanne leigh
Nick, the SEO expert, is an absolute game-changer! His training for our group was nothing short of amazing. He not only shared valuable insights but also opened our eyes to a whole new world of SEO possibilities. His expertise and teaching style are truly commendable. We're now equipped with the knowledge and confidence to take our online presence to the next level, thanks to Nick!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gabriella - therapyforlondoners
Gabriella Davidovics
Gabriella Davidovics
Nick exoertly presented a jam-packed training session. He navigated us around the minefield that is SEO and gave us many resources to support us, thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to working with him
Dermot O'Donnell
Dermot O'Donnell
Really useful session on SEO - good pace and lots of tips to improve my website and google ratings. Thank you
Lisa Hartford
Lisa Hartford
I had a great session with Nick from Digivisi today about how to optimise my Google Business Profile to get more inquiries. He was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and he took the time to answer all of my questions in a clear and concise way. I learned a lot from Nick, including how to make sure my profile is complete and accurate and how to optimise my profile for local search. I'm confident that the tips he gave me will help me to get more inquiries from potential customers. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to improve their online presence and grow their business.
Limarah Crathorne
Limarah Crathorne
Thanks, Nick for getting me started on Google My Business. Your workshops are informative and really easy to follow.
Steve Belsey
Steve Belsey
what an amazing company. I spoke to Nick 4 months ago and said i need help with my website. I am not ranking well 4 months later i am at the top of the page.
Bailey Oliphant
Bailey Oliphant


Why Should I Work With an SEO Company and Not an SEO Agency?

Generally speaking, SEO agencies have employees for specific SEO roles like content creation or link building.

This is because SEO agencies typically serve larger clients with budgets over £6,000+ a month and either completely outsource SEO or use an outsourced SEO team to complement their in-house team.

If they present themselves as an affordable SEO agency and provide affordable SEO packages, it’s likely they have inexperienced and possibly apprentices working on your account.

They may not care as much about your account as we would due to the volume of clients they’re serving and the little impact you’ll have on the top line.

Are These SEO Packages for Local SEO or National SEO?

These SEO packages are designed for Local and National SEO.

If a local business chooses one of these SEO packages, they’ll have some of the most advanced optimisations carried out on the website that allows them to rank in multiple towns easily.

If a business that wants to grow nationally chooses one of these SEO packages, then they get the power offered to a local business plus more in terms of link building via guest posts and niche edits.

To support both national and local businesses, building local links is incredibly important.


Are These SEO Packages Suitable for eCommerce Websites?

No, these packages are not suitable for eCommerce websites. Our eCommerce SEO Packages focus on more keyword research and content creation for categories and product pages.

We also offer blog optimisation to develop your business’s awareness for those researching the products that you sell online. Blog optimisation is not provided as part of these SEO packages.

Do Your SEO Packages Work for all Search Engines?

Yes, our SEO packages do work for all search engines. However, we focus on improving your position in the Google organic search results because nearly 92% of all UK searches happen in this search engine.

My WIX Website has a High Technical SEO Score, Do I Still Need Technical SEO?

In most cases, yes. WIX has significantly improved since its invention, and nearly any website you create with the drag and drop platform is technically sound regarding errors and warnings.

For example, speed is likely to be much faster now than ever due to the image optimisation process when images are uploaded.

However, a good Technical SEO score doesn’t mean your internal linking is set up correctly to maximise your position in the search engine results pages. Or that you’ve set up redirects for broken URLs or used the keyword appropriately in the URL with the proper site structure.

There are many Technical SEO nuances that aren’t highlighted in SEO audits and require experience and know-how to optimise.

Will Search Engine Optimisation Improve My Position in the Organic Search Results?

Yes, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s web pages positions in the organic search results, which are displayed below Google Ads. Without search engine optimisation, your website is unlikely to rank high in organic search results.

You don’t necessarily need search engine optimisation to feature high in various search engine results because you could pay for advertising. This is known as paid ads. While this is an effective method for gaining instant traffic to your website, it’s costly, and fewer people trust the ads, resulting in fewer clicks overall.

Why Should I Choose Your Affordable SEO Service?

We’re passionate about producing long-term results for your business, so we use white hat methods (techniques that Google approves). While these take longer to see the effects, they’ll ensure your website stays ranking highly for years to come.

We recognise that some clients want fast and immediate results from their SEO campaign (and to be honest, we’d like to do that for you), but we simply can’t without resorting to black hat methods, which we DO NOT USE.

And, even if we did use the methods, the immediate results would be very short-lived because Google will penalise your website, and you’ll disappear from the Google search results.

What SEO Strategy is Included in the SEO Services?

We use a holistic SEO strategy in all our SEO services because it’s the only way to optimise a website properly and rank highly on Google and other search engines.

We’re one of the few SEO providers where all our SEO services include Technical, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

Can You Do a Bespoke SEO Package for Us?

As an SEO company, yes, we can. All you need to do is tell us your goals and budget to get started.