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Expand Your Business with Cheap SEO Packages

Is your website not ranking as high as you want it? Has it suddenly dropped, and now you’re losing significant web traffic?

It can be frustrating when you’ve tried to improve it, but nothing seems to be working, and your competitors are taking all the glory.

We’ve made it possible for business owners like you to gain more web traffic from your area and more web traffic from multiple locations surrounding it.

You can now take advantage of the same SEO strategy that big businesses in your industry use to grow, even with a low budget.

Free SEO Audit

Unsure about the issues affecting your website’s ability to rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Not sure how much to invest in monthly SEO packages?

Our free SEO audit will show you the technical errors and warnings, your top web pages in terms of their position in the organic search, and your backlink profile. By the end of the SEO audit video, you’ll know exactly what needs optimising.

Complete the blue form on the right (if you’re on a desktop or laptop) or shortly underneath on mobile.

Customers Say…

“I feel as if I want to keep this awesome team a secret because of what Nick has achieved in a couple of months is insane.”
 The FX Works, Bath

“Personal service has been nothing short of amazing, always has time for you and is quick to respond.”
 GutterPlus, Harrogate 

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SEO Consultant for Cheap SEO Packages

Your SEO Consultant

Managing Director, Nick Holmes, will be your dedicated account manager. He has 8-years of experience having started his career as an apprentice.

Nick has worked for a number of companies from a reputable training provider with a turnover of several million to family-owned businesses with struggling eCommerce websites.

Having developed extensive knowledge and skills, and driven hundreds of thousands of pounds of leads and sales to various websites, it was time to launch DigiVisi and become your personal SEO consultant for Local SEO, National SEO or eCommerce SEO.

SEO Statistics

  • Searches on Google in the UK Compared to Other Search Engines (Statcounter) 91.4% 91.4%
  • Web Pages Without Search Traffic (Ahrefs) 91% 91%
  • Searchers that Don’t Go Past the First Page of Google (HubSpot) 75% 75%
  • Clicks to the First Position on Google (Backlinkio) 32% 32%
  • Searches for Local Businesses that Result in a Call or Visit in 24 Hours (HubSpot) 88% 88%

Core Components of Our Cheap SEO Packages


Keyword Research

We’ll research keywords and analyse them to determine your website’s ability to gain higher search engine rankings and organic traffic. You’ll approve the targeted keywords before we add them to your SEO campaign.

Content Optimisation

We’ll create and optimise new and existing content targeting multiple search terms, which leads to higher search engine rankings for more than just the targeted keywords. This way, you’ll see a significant increase in organic traffic.

Competitor Analysis

We conduct competitor analysis to identify keyword, content and link building opportunities so that you can gain search engine rankings above your search competitors. You’ll see an increase in relevant traffic to your website: your potential customers.

Local Citations

We’ll audit your local citations and correct your business’s Name, Address and Phone (NAP) to improve your Google rankings. In addition, we’ll add up to 160 more local citations, which will help small local business websites rank in the local organic search results and the maps.

Technical SEO

Using the free SEO audit we send you, we’ll fix all of the errors and warnings preventing your website from climbing higher in the Google search results. This often includes improving web page speeds and the internal linking throughout your website.

Updates & Reports

We’ll connect our SEO tools to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, so we can analyse your web traffic to continue to make improvements. In addition, we’ll track your keywords so that you can see your business’s visibility in the search results.

I got in touch with Nick for his Google ads services for my therapy/ counselling practice, based on a recommendation from someone who had previously had a great experience working with Nick in a different sector. Nick is very attentive and keeps in touch through the whole process. Within less than a week of our initial conversation my Google ads were live and bringing in new clients. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone, he is very detailed in his work. Thank you for everything!
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson
Nick from Digivisi offered the opportunity to join a workshop that he was hosting to help businesses like our MAT Ltd to make the most out of our Google Business Profiles and a better understanding of how SEO works. He provided a wealth of information and tips, but most importantly, he showed that he understood each business is different and is at a different point in their journey. Nick’s advice was aimed at allowing us to help ourselves as far as reasonable and I learned a stack of useful stuff, most of which I’m capable of putting into practice myself. Or, I could choose to engage DigiVisi to continue Nick’s great work!
Pete Francis
Pete Francis
I represent a online NLP & hypnotherapy training school called Integrated Changeworks. Nick came to do a guest workshop to educate our members on how to improve their SEO. Everyone agreed that he delivered a fantastic session and we all learned some valuable insights and tips. I would highly recommend his services as he definitely knows his stuff. Thanks again Nick, we will get you back for a follow up session soon.
James Banfield
James Banfield
A big thank you Nick for last nights SEO CPD. I shall work through your workbook with far more understanding and confidence. (One Life Your Life Hypnotherapy.)
susanne leigh
susanne leigh
Nick, the SEO expert, is an absolute game-changer! His training for our group was nothing short of amazing. He not only shared valuable insights but also opened our eyes to a whole new world of SEO possibilities. His expertise and teaching style are truly commendable. We're now equipped with the knowledge and confidence to take our online presence to the next level, thanks to Nick!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gabriella - therapyforlondoners
Gabriella Davidovics
Gabriella Davidovics
Nick exoertly presented a jam-packed training session. He navigated us around the minefield that is SEO and gave us many resources to support us, thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to working with him
Dermot O'Donnell
Dermot O'Donnell
Really useful session on SEO - good pace and lots of tips to improve my website and google ratings. Thank you
Lisa Hartford
Lisa Hartford
I had a great session with Nick from Digivisi today about how to optimise my Google Business Profile to get more inquiries. He was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and he took the time to answer all of my questions in a clear and concise way. I learned a lot from Nick, including how to make sure my profile is complete and accurate and how to optimise my profile for local search. I'm confident that the tips he gave me will help me to get more inquiries from potential customers. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to improve their online presence and grow their business.
Limarah Crathorne
Limarah Crathorne
Thanks, Nick for getting me started on Google My Business. Your workshops are informative and really easy to follow.
Steve Belsey
Steve Belsey
what an amazing company. I spoke to Nick 4 months ago and said i need help with my website. I am not ranking well 4 months later i am at the top of the page.
Bailey Oliphant
Bailey Oliphant

Complete Details of Our Cheap SEO Packages

Keyword Research

Before starting any SEO campaign, we carry out keyword research. This step in the search engine optimisation process is the most important.

It involves identifying keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business that have search volume, and are easy for your website to gain high positions in the search engine results.

Our keyword research involves using advanced SEO tools. We’ll start by using seed keywords, then branch off in multiple directions to find identifying fruits for short-term goals as well as high-hanging fruits for long-term goals.

During keyword research, we’ll analyse the search intent, the search volume and keyword competition to determine if it’s a keyword worth targeting in terms of feasibility.

Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords

Low-hanging fruits are keywords your website currently ranks for on major search engines but not necessarily getting any search traffic.

By tweaking your content and other On-Page SEO techniques, we can see an almost immediate effect on your Google rankings.

High-Hanging Fruit Keywords

High-hanging fruits are keywords that require new web pages. These keywords usually have greater search volumes and competition.

Each new web page requires new content that’s written in such a way to answer the search query better than your online competitors to increase your chances of gaining higher search engine rankings.

Example of Keyword Research

Let’s pretend you own a carpet cleaning franchise that covers the county of Kent. In this case, we’d suggest using your homepage to target “Carpet Cleaning Kent” and “Carpet Cleaner Kent”.

This is easier to achieve than a national term such as “Carpet Cleaner”, plus adding the word “Kent” means you’ll be found by homeowners and businesses in this area, not anywhere else in the UK.

In addition, it involves creating specialist location pages for each of your franchisees to generate hyper-targeted web traffic for their area. For example, “Carpet Cleaning Maidstone” and “Carpet Cleaning Canterbury”.

Furthermore, some searchers may be searching for related services, such as rug cleaning and stain removal, so creating dedicated web pages is important.

Content Optimisation

One aspect of On-Page SEO is content optimisation, which splits into two sections. Firstly, it involves improving and adding more high-quality text-based information. Second, it involves adding and editing the file data of relevant multimedia, including images.

Textual Content

Google prefers websites and web pages demonstrating Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT).

An element involves creating content within the text volume range of search competitors, sharing better information than your competitors, and using various keywords tactfully throughout the web page.

For example, using the main keyword in the heading 1 tag. By creating high-quality content in-depth, your website traffic will grow because your web pages are likely to appear in various search engine results pages.

Image Content

Images on your web pages are not only a part of conversion rate optimisation but improving your users’ experience to trust you. Uploading images with optimised file data increases your chances of climbing up the rankings on major search engines for your target keywords in your geographical location.

Example of Content Optimisation

This time, we’ll pretend we’re an auto locksmith that also covers the county of Kent like the carpet cleaning franchise. We’ll implement the same effective SEO strategy and target multiple locations, let’s say Canterbury and Maidstone.

Our content research tool tells us the text range for Canterbury is 400 to 700 words, and Maidstone is 800 to 1,200. This means we’d need to create enough content to be inside the range. In addition, there may be 50 words we need to include various times for Maidstone and just 35 words for Canterbury.

Using additional research, we determine the best places to put these keywords, such as the level of the header, at the start of a page, end of a page, where in the paragraph, the list goes on.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis allows us to find the keywords your competitors are targeting and see how well they’re performing in the search engines. We use this data to determine whether we target the same keywords based on various factors.

In addition, competitor analysis enables us to understand their website’s backlink profile in terms of the types, volume and quality of links from other websites. We use this information to build the same or similar links.

With our cheap SEO packages, we focus on building quality links in the form of local citation link building, which is an essential part of effective local SEO services.

Local Citations

Local citations are an essential component of effective local SEO packages. These are not only cheap and easy to do for small businesses, but they’re also a highly effective link building tactic in improving your rankings in search engines’ local search results.

Local citations are listings of your business in digital directories like Yell and Yelp, but there are also industry-specific ones like Checkatrade. Citations classed as quality links help search engines trust that your business is genuine and located in a particular area if y

If your business’s Name, Address and Phone (NAP) is accurate and consistent across all the citations, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher in the local search results. In addition, your business is likely to improve its position in the map results too.

Other link building tactics such as guest posting and niche edits are not included in our cheap SEO packages because they require more time than we charge. However, we do include blogger outreach link building in affordable SEO packages.

If these stretch your budget, we recommend starting with one of our cheap SEO packages before moving to a dedicated link building package.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the three pillars of SEO: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. This feature of our cheap SEO packages is very important for small businesses because they’re often sold an “SEO-friendly” website that’s barely “SEO-friendly”.

Technical SEO involves improving your potential customer’s experience on your website, such as a fast page speed that doesn’t shift when loading to internal linking optimisation but supports conversion rate optimisation.

Your web pages pass and share their authority gained from link building via internal linking. This is important because it allows your money pages to rank higher as they’re seen as more authoritative on the topic (if the content was optimised).


Will the Cheap SEO Packages Improve My Website's Ranking?

Yes because our cheap SEO packages include the three pillars of SEO: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

It’s important to recognise that we’ll be spending less time on your website than a small business that has a bigger budget, so it’s likely to take longer to achieve high search engine rankings.

We also only focus on building one type of backlink: local citations. Most websites need other types of backlinks that we’re unable to include in our cheap SEO packages.

Do the Cheap SEO Packages Contain Black Hat Methods?

No! We use white hat methods because we want to improve the visibility of every small business online for the long term. After all, we’ll be able to add another case study to our website.

Black hat techniques include:

  • Cloaking – showing users and search engines different content.

  • Schemes – buying links and spamming blogs to name a few.

  • Bad content – automated content or duplicate content on thin doorway pages.

  • Phishing – trojans and malware on websites.

  • Stuffing – excessive use of keywords.

  • Hiding – hiding the usage of keywords e.g. white text on white background.

  • Piracy – hosting stolen content throughout your website.

Are the Cheap SEO Packages the Same as Local SEO Packages?

Yes, our cheap SEO packages and affordable SEO packages are local SEO packages at different price points because they contain a different amount of search engine optimisation.

Therefore, these monthly SEO packages are not suitable for an online business, but rather a business that sells services or products in one or multiple towns.

We have separate monthly SEO packages for eCommerce websites.

What Can I Expect from Your Affordable SEO Services?

With our affordable SEO services, you can expect your website’s technical health score to improve along with the content. We supply before and after reports, so you can see the initial improvement before waiting patiently for Google to improve your rankings.

In addition, you can expect a boost in local citations, and therefore, a rise in your local search rankings. You’ll see it because we report it back to you.

How Long Will It Take for the Cheap SEO Packages to Improve My Organic Search Positions?

There are over 200 ranking factors that come into play.

The speed can depend on whether you have a new website or an established website, whether your website has relevant websites linked to you, and the level of competition for the search terms we target.

A budget of £147 a month for a website that needs £347 of search engine optimisation each month is less likely to experience a positive impact quickly.

Depending on the starting point and your monthly budget, it can take as little as a couple of weeks to start seeing improvements with our SEO services.

Why Should I Work with Your SEO Company?

Three reasons:

Firstly, we’re a micro SEO company, so it’s just Nick. That means your success affects his success. It’s in our interest to help you succeed on Google as well as the other search engines, so we can use your business as a case study and generate referral business via you.

Secondly, Nick is an experienced account manager. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have SEO experts if you go ahead with one of the many SEO agencies; you’re more likely to have a new apprentice. An SEO agency is best for companies that spend £6,000+ a month on a dedicated outsourced team.

Lastly, each cheap SEO package offers exceptional value that’ll deliver results without damaging your visibility. The three main SEO packages include aspects of the same SEO strategy of big businesses but for a lot less.

What is the Average SEO Cost and How Do Your Cheap SEO Packages Compare?

According to Backlinkio (a highly regarded blog in the world of SEO), the average cost of SEO is $497 a month in the US. At the time of writing, it’s equivalent to £410.

Our most advanced cheap SEO package is just £197 a month. However, each affordable SEO package we offer with more link building is similar to the average.

Should SEO be My Only Marketing Strategy?

No, your marketing strategy should include SEO, whether it’s one of our low cost SEO packages to a bespoke SEO package tailored to requirements and budget.

It’s like social media marketing, you shouldn’t do it without having a website. And, you shouldn’t have a website without investing in at least one of our low cost SEO packages.

On the topic of social media, a strong presence with high levels of engagement such as post likes and shares positively impacts rankings on search engines. Not so much as they used to, but they still help.

What's the Difference Between National SEO and Local SEO Packages?

In a nutshell, National SEO targets keywords searched anywhere in the UK. For example, “Ice Cream Wholesaler”. In some cases, businesses need a National SEO campaign because search volumes locally are non-existent.

Using the same example, Local SEO would be ranking for “Ice Cream Wholesaler Kent” as it’s targeting the county level. Depending on the business, targeting the town level is more appropriate.

In terms of the SEO package, they’re almost the same. However, each affordable SEO package is more suitable for ranking nationally because it includes more advanced backlinks, such as guest posts and niche edits, which pass on more power to your web pages.

Do I Need an SEO Package or Can I Do It Separately?

It’s up to you. We have clients who prefer monthly SEO packages, but we also have clients who prefer to invest ad-hoc.

Although we advise a monthly SEO package because we can plan the strategy more effectively and get more done, cash flow for every business isn’t always ideal.

Do I Need an SEO Company or SEO Agency?

If you value your time and want SEO done right the first time, then yes you should work with an SEO company or SEO agency. Of course, you can do it yourself, but it’ll be incredibly time-consuming, with lots of confusion and very poor results.

Nearly every small business works with an accountant to submit their accounts at the end of the year, but it’s actually a really simple task if you’re using QuickBooks or Xero, or the likes to manage your books. But, an accountant saves time and offers peace of mind.

In addition, nearly every car owner takes their vehicle to a garage for a yearly service because it’s best for the expert to change the oil and filter, top up the coolant and brake fluid and check parts that you didn’t even know existed.

Why do SEO yourself when our SEO services will save you time and grow your business?

Which SEO Package is Right for My Business?

It’s difficult to advise which SEO package is right for your website without seeing the data. Should you request a free website video review, then we’ll be able to suggest the best SEO package for you.

How Else Can You Help Me Get More Enquiries?

We specialise in delivering affordable SEO services in the form of SEO packages and consultancy and complement it with Google Ads in the form of PPC management. This allows you to gain instant website traffic while we perform SEO.