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What is SEO Tonbridge?

SEO Tonbridge is the process of improving a business’s website position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for keywords searched by their potential customers. 

For example, if you’re a tree surgeon, you’ll want your local business’s website to rank highly for “Tree Surgeon Tonbridge”, as it’s a key phrase searched by 90 potential customers every month.

Or, perhaps you’re a solicitor, and you want your website ranking for “Solicitor Tonbridge” because a whopping 390 search it every month.

SEO Tonbridge enables you to see a growth in website traffic as a result of positioning your website higher on search engines like Google. It also increases the chances of your business featuring in the map pack.

If your local Tonbridge-based business features first in the map pack and organic search results for your target keywords, you can expect over 65% of the searchers to click on your website every month. 

Unlike Google Ads, you won’t be paying for every click and won’t need to keep investing in SEO. Once you’re performing highly for all your target keywords, you’ll typically continue to perform for several years without additional optimisation. This makes it a highly cost-effective marketing strategy.

However, SEO Tonbridge is not a quick solution to gain new enquiries. This is because there are over 200 ranking factors, each taking a different length of time to take effect on a website. 

For example, improving site load speed is a form of technical SEO, and in most cases, it can take a couple of hours to reduce the load speed to under a second. But, adding your business’s details on local directories is repetitive and time-intensive, and once they’re live, it takes Google time to crawl it.

This is why you can expect to reach a high position on the first page in 3 to 6 months, depending on how competitive your target keywords are in your area.

Benefits of SEO Tonbridge

Improve Phone Calls and Form Submission Enquiries

Like Google Ads, SEO enables local business owners to improve the enquiries they receive through phone calls and form submissions. This is because your web pages appear higher on search engines when potential customers search for your services, thus increasing traffic. In addition to higher web pages, we optimise Google Business Profiles too, which drive typically over 80% of new business. If you’re not currently visible on Google Maps, you can follow the tips in this dedicated article.

Cost-Effective Promotion

Unlike Google Ads, SEO enables self-employed business owners and small to medium businesses to continue receiving leads years after optimising their website. 

As you’re not paying for every click, but your business is still highly visible on Google, you’ll continue to receive qualified traffic and enquiries, making it one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.

Saves Time

As one of the many businesses home to Tonbridge, you may spend time attracting potential customers to your website by creating special offers for social media, distributing leads in TN9, TN10, TN11 and TN12 postcodes or attending a large number of networking events. 

With SEO Tonbridge, you can scale back other marketing activities because you’ll be visible when a potential customer searches for your services. Then, they’ll contact you when they’re ready, allowing you to enjoy doing what you do best.

Why Choose DigiVisi’s SEO Services Tonbridge

Guaranteed to Rank on Page One

We’re the only SEO company in Kent that guarantees your website will rank on the first page of Google for your target keywords. In the unlikely event that it doesn’t, we’ll work entirely for free until it does. 

Although we guarantee page one rankings, we don’t settle there. We’re aiming for the top three results because that’s where you’ll gain the most traffic to increase your enquiries.

No Lengthy Contracts, No Contracts At All

We’re not going to tie you into a contract and force you to stay with us if you’re unhappy with the performance or just need a break. You’re free to stop at any time.

Experienced SEO Experts with Over 8-Years Helping Businesses

As we’re highly experienced, we know what tactics work and which one’s to avoid at all costs. We’ve also built a select toolbox of exceptionally powerful tools that enables us to give you a distinct advantage on Google.

Packed All-in-One Packages

We’ve bundled every ranking factor into one package. It means you’ll receive all the same optimisation whether you invest £100 or £1000 a month, and the only difference is the amount we can do each month. Ultimately, our goal is to get your website number one.

Contact Us for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation

If you’re interested in gaining more leads from your website, get in touch by calling 01227 678056 or emailing [email protected] for a free consultation. We’ll answer all of your questions and advise on the best plan of action. If you decide to go ahead with us, we’ll offer you a preferential rate. Alternatively, you can contact Nick via LinkedIn.

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