How to Advertise a Window Cleaning Business

There are one hundred and one different ways to advertise your business, but you’ve got a small budget. You know when you spend it, that’s it! So, you’ve got to make sure where you spend it provides a return-on-investment. I’ve decided to share with you what I believe is the best way to advertise your window cleaning business when you’re just starting. This way, you can re-invest your revenue.

Website for Window Cleaning Business

You need a website for your cleaning business. It’s your storefront online where you direct traffic from other digital and traditional marketing methods to read more about your services. 

Unlike 5 to 10 years ago, though, your website cannot be a few loose pages with limited content. Instead, it must contain high-quality content. That means one keyword focused on “Window Cleaner London” and various Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). These are similar or related words used in the content of window cleaning. For example, from the ground cleaning. You should write 300 words per page as a minimum, but 500 to 600 words are ideal.

There are various platforms you can use to design your website. I recommend using WordPress. It’s a Content Management System (CMS) whereby you can install a website theme from ThemeForest – and there are thousands to choose from. Then, install YoastSEO, which will help you get your website higher in search engines like Google. 

Window Cleaning SEO Strategies

If you decide to advertise your cleaning business with a website, you must consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the art and science of improving your website against 200 factors to help it rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). An unoptimised website is effective, well, pointless. 

I’ve mentioned a few techniques above that support your optimisation efforts: keywords, LSI keywords, and content length. There are a few other strategies I’m going to share with you that work like a dream for local window cleaners. 

Firstly, you can take a photograph using your smartphone of a window before you’ve cleaned it and after you’ve cleaned it. This is important because your smartphone adds coordinates to the photo. Then, when you upload the images to your website, it helps boost it in search engines for the local area you operate within. 

Secondly, create a profile on Google My Business. This is one of the most popular and effective local directories that will help you get new windows to clean. It’s an in-depth process of optimising the page, so to keep it short for this post, focus on writing a brilliant business description with the exact keywords on your website. Then, add all the photos you’ve put on your website, particularly those with the coordinates. This increases your chances of getting into the top three results in the map pack above the optimised website listings. 

If you’re looking to outsource, consider SEO for Window Cleaners. This way you’ll not only save your time but money as well.

Window Cleaning Google Ads

Google Ads is a fantastic short-term strategy for window cleaning businesses that are focusing on SEO. That’s because it can take three to six months for your website to start ranking for “Window Cleaner [Your Area]. Google Ads is near enough instant after approval. So, you could be getting leads directly from your paid listings in the search engine until your website ranks higher. 

If you lack time due to the many hats you wear, WordStream is a useful software as a service tool. It helps save you both time and money with their clever 20-minute work week. This means you only need to spend 20-minutes a week reviewing your ads and keywords. Your review of the insights it pulls allows you to make instant decisions with sifting through hours of data. 

A lot of local business owners like yourself make the mistake of adding lots of keywords. This is an easy way to blow your budget. Instead, you should select one or two keywords like “Window Cleaning Business [Your Area] and “Window Cleaner [Your Area]”. By doing it this way, you’re only paying for clicks for these keywords, not when someone’s searching “How to Clean My Windows”, which has an entirely different search intent. 

Window Cleaning Traditional Adverts

Depending on your target market, you could invest in an advert in your local newspaper or magazine. If you’re based in Kent or Medway, you’ve got the option to advertise in the Net or Kent Messenger

There are various other local newspapers and magazines throughout the UK. So, take a moment to think about the most recent magazine you’ve received through your door. Or, perhaps, search online to find your local paper or magazine. 

Summary of the Ways to Advertise Your Cleaning Business

I’ve covered four practical ways in which you can start advertising your cleaning business. These were designing a quality content-based website that is optimised for your keywords. While your website is improving in the SERPs, you can use Google Ads with a tool to save time and money. And, I’ve not entirely written off traditional promotion just yet, so I’ve suggested advertising in your local newspaper and magazine.