How to Get Leads for My Cleaning Business

There’s so much bullsh*t online about how to get leads for your cleaning business. It’s just text spun from one cleaning blog or marketing agency to another. It’s not practical, let alone useful for you. So, I’ve invested my time to help you by telling you exactly how you’ll get leads for your cleaning business.

Cleaning Business SEO to Get Leads

You’ve probably heard about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). But, if not, it’s a complex process of improving over 200 elements on your website to rank. This is for the keywords you want your business to show up for in search engines like Google. For example, let’s say you want to rank for “Cleaner London”. The keyword which receives 4,400 searches on a monthly basis. You’d start by optimising your homepage for this keyword if that’s the area you operate in.

Cleaning Business SEO Strategies

Steps that you can try to take, include writing content for your homepage with the use of that keyword within the text. If you write 200 to 300 words, you should mention the keyword once. However, as this keyword is particularly difficult as London has lots of cleaners, you should aim to write 500 to 600 words as a minimum.

Operating outside of London is less competitive. If you write the same amount of content for a competitive area only increases your chances of beating a more established website with poor quality content. 

Fortunately, it’s not difficult for your cleaning business to upload images of your services to your website. For example, you could show a before and after picture of a particular room you’ve cleaned. Keeping your mind on your homepage, you can upload a before and after photo and optimise the image’s alternative text. It could be “Cleaner London [Your Brand Name]” so that you tell Google that the images on your homepage are relevant to the keywords it’s targeting. You’ll find that it gives your page a little extra boost.

These are just two to four factors that influence your website’s ranking, and if you do it incorrectly, it can have a negative impact.

So, consider getting SEO to ensure your website ranks higher, not lower, and you can start seeing leads in your inbox. Or, if you want to take the risk, I salute you! It took me 7-years of trying and testing a strategy to feel comfortable offering it to you. 

Cleaning Business Ads for Lead Generation

Google Adwords is a scary lead generation method, really. I hear horror stories all the time about how clients spend hundreds if not thousands on their cleaning business’s adverts.

Fortunately, Google is changing. It’s making their platform easier and easier to use for you, a local business owner who’s scared, but willing to dabble in modern technology.

Some say, though, it’s Google’s way of subtly taking more money from hardworking micro business owners like you and me. Nonetheless, there are two great ways to use Google Adwords for your cleaning business that I’d try if I were you. 

Cleaning Business Ad: Local Service Ads

Firstly, in September 2020, Google started offering Local Service Ads in the UK. It’s been around since 2015 in the US and Canada. Less of the history, more about what it means for you.

Well, it’s not that well known. Allow me to prove it to you and explain why that works to your advantage. Below, you’ll see my search for “Cleaner London”, and all you can see is the standard Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. No local service ads!

How to Get Leads for My Cleaning Business with Google Ads

However, as I mentioned, you can use Local Service Ads to your advantage. Well, I had to search “Carpet Cleaning Services Crawley” to see the ads. In other words, cleaners in London aren’t taking advantage of this tool.

How to Get Leads for My Cleaning Business with Local Service Ads

Do you see the three boxes in the image above? Well, these are above the paid ads we saw in the image above except for a different service in a different area. If I were you, I’d take a look into Local Service Ads, and if you’re unsure how to go about it, perhaps, ask me, and I’ll manage it for you, or just get you set up.

Cleaning Business Ad: Search Ads

When I searched “Cleaner London”, I saw three ads: House Keep, Helpling, Cleanzy. Notice how I didn’t see any organic results? No, never mind, Google Ads typically have fewer clicks despite the fact they show up above the fold (on your screen without scrolling), anyway.

You can pay Google to rank your homepage for “Cleaner London”. This is brilliant if you’re doing SEO because it can take 3 to 6 months for your website to start ranking.

Take a look at Google Ads, as this may be the way to get leads for your cleaning business in the meantime. Then, when your SEO improves, you can scale back on your ads. And, get free leads! Yes, free! Once you’ve properly invested in SEO.

Bark for Lead Generation

If you’ve not heard of Bark, it’s a pretty cool place to get leads for your cleaning business. You sign yourself up as a professional and complete your profile.

People looking for a cleaner in your area submit an enquiry on the platform, and if you like the sound of the job, you pay a number of credits to get their details. Then, you can contact them. However, you can waste your time and money if you don’t follow the strategy I tell you below. 

Only contact leads who submit an enquiry within a minute or so. Download the app on your mobile phone and allow notifications. This way, you’ll be the first to contact them, which significantly increases your chances of winning them as your client. It means you’ll use your credits (money) effectively and secure a higher return on investment. 

Depending on the promotional strategy of other cleaning businesses in your area, you may need to offer a free clean for a room. This’ll show the standard you provide. Or, explain that you provide a satisfaction guarantee to build their trust. Either way, being the first on the phone is saying something!

Facebook Advertising for Lead Generation

Facebook has its pros and cons. It’s beneficial for us as advertisers but annoying for us as users. So, with that in mind, when you create an ad, you need to approach it differently from all the other cr*p we see bombarding our news feed. 

Before we dive into what makes a great ad, let’s understand why it’s brilliant for advertising your cleaning business. First of all, Facebook collects a tonne of personal information from its users. This allows advertisers like us to target our adverts heavily. For example, we can target a specific area, age group, income bracket, and various other ways. 

Ultimately, how you use the data is up to you, but I’d say generalise at first. You need to gain specific data to work out what information converts the best. For example, you might find just targeting your area works better than targeting your area for a particular age and income. So, just start with the area and test the specific demographics mentioned above.

In terms of what makes a great ad, well, you and a video. I suggest you record a selfie of you offering a free one hour clean of a room. If you’re not happy with that, just create a video of you explaining the benefits of you cleaning someone’s house or commercial premises. For example, you use your equipment, offer a satisfaction guarantee, and leave no dust left. 

Oh, and one last thing, don’t worry about the reach. You don’t want brand awareness! Instead, focus on conversions, in other words, people that are willing to complete the form and use your cleaning services. This way, Facebook will show your ad to these potential customers.

Get Leads with Leaflets

To be fair, I’ve favourited digital marketing over traditional marketing because it’s easier to gauge and track how successful our campaigns are. However, I cannot neglect the power of leaflets for cleaning businesses. So, hear me out.

When you think about leaflets and leaflet drops, you might be thinking you’ve got to do the whole town. Nope! Let’s be specific with it. I mean, for every new customer you get from the methods I’ve outlined above, drop a leaflet through the door of residents or commercial premises on the same road or estate. 

Don’t create a general leaflet. Instead, personalise it with one that says, “I’ve just started cleaning [write house number] on [write the road name], which is nearby, and I’m offering you a discounted one hour clean of any room of your choice”.

You can be clever about it and buy thousands of leaflets from VistaPrint and leave a blank space to personalise it with the house you’ve recently cleaned on the potential customers’ road. It’ll save you more money as you buy leaflets in bulk and manually write the address.

However, if you can’t be bothered to do that and don’t mind spending a little extra, work out the number of properties you’ll deliver on the road and print that many.