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What is a Website Structure? 

Website structure is the organisation of web pages indicated by the Uniform Resource Locators (URL). 

Every web page is connected to the homepage and forms a parent and/or child page. For example,

Depending on your website, it organises product categories, product pages, service pages, blog categories, and blog posts.

This service plays an important role in passing authority between pages, which is why we’ve included it in our SEO Packages for Small Business.

Why is Website Structure Important?

Your website structure is vital because it lets visitors quickly find the content they want to read, if it’s set up correctly. In turn, it can lead to more time spent on your website, and conversions. 

It’s not just for users; it’s for the Googlebot too. 

The algorithm arrives on your website and follows all the links to help understand your products and services. This is so that it knows where to display your web page in the search engine results pages.

To support your web pages position in the search results, an organised structure can effectively pass authority from parent pages to child pages, making it more likely to gain a higher spot in the results.

Website Structure Tips

Create Keyword Category Pages

If you own an eCommerce website, the best way to organise all your products is to put them into logical categories. However, this isn’t going to support your rankings alone. Instead, it would be best if you found a long-tail keyword that reflects the name of the product category. Use this in the URL and H1 tag.

Main Location Page

Whether you’re a self-employed business owner branching into more areas, or a franchise-based business, create a parent page entitled “Locations”, which contains a list of locations. Create child pages for each location from this parent page with more specific and unique information.

How We Can Help

Plan Your Website Structure

Using keyword research, we can plan a logical structure for your website to maximise the power of your homepage, parent pages and child pages performance in the search results to gain more traffic and enquiries.

Implement Website Structure Improvements

We can implement website structure improvement by following the plan, redirecting old URLs to new URLs, creating new content, and updating all internal links to ensure your visitors quickly arrive on the new page.

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