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Are you concerned that you’re not getting as many leads as you used to? Do you feel you’re relying too heavily on repeat business and referrals? Are you ready to invest and start making a change today to earn more income? Then, these Local SEO Services are all you’ll need.

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4 Reasons Why You Need DigiVisi’s Local SEO Services

It’s not just about optimising your website to increase your income, but your experience with DigiVisi as your SEO Company from start to finish.

Local SEO Services All in One Package DigiVisi

All-in-One Local SEO Services

DigiVisi combines the essential pillars of SEO into one single package: technical, on-page, off-page and local optimisation. One pillar on its own is ineffective, so every area is optimised. Typically, once the technical, on-page, and local optimisation is complete, your package may become a smaller monthly fee as the focus turns to one pillar, off-page (otherwise known as link building and backlinks).

Local SEO Services Communication DigiVisi


DigiVisi is always available by phone or email because the service is not just about ranking your website higher. It’s about answering your questions, taking on your suggestions, and developing an excellent relationship for mutual results. The communication extends to simple weekly reports that show how your website’s position changes.

Local SEO Services Ranking Reports DigiVisi

No Contract Tie-Ins Local SEO Services

DigiVisi offers a rolling service. You pay the month in advance; Nick carries out the optimisation and updates you. Ranking reports are sent to you over the following weeks. If you’re satisfied with the first month, you can pay the following invoice. Otherwise, you can stop altogether – you have complete freedom. As you can see, it’s in DigiVisi interest to deliver its Local SEO Services, so that you invest next month.

Local SEO Services Rank Guarantee DigiVisi

Rank Guarantee for all Local SEO Services

DigiVisi believes you should expect a minimum performance as a result of any optimisation service. This service guarantees your website will rank on page one. Of course, the goal is the top three, if not the first position. However, in the unlikely event that your website doesn’t achieve first page rankings, DigiVisi will work for free. In order to take advantage, you must commit non-contractually for 12-months, but results usually happen sooner.

6-Step Optimisation Process

The exact strategy is a secret, but you can have it deployed on your website too.

Affordable Local SEO Services Keyword Research Strategy DigiVisi

Keyword Research

Firstly, keyword research is at the centre of Local SEO Services because it helps establish your website’s architecture for users to navigate easily. In addition, it leads to high-quality keyword-focused content with optimised titles and headings. Each of these factors plays a significant role in ranking your website.

The keyword research starts on your website by identifying the types of goods or services you sell. Coupled with the use of advanced software, DigiVisi determines keywords for each product or service. Then, these local intent keywords are compared against your competitors to confirm they’re worth targeting. Finally, the keywords are merged into one list and sent to you for approval. Throughout the optimisation, DigiVisi refers to the agreed list to create new pages or edit existing ones.


  • Keywords with local intent
  • Acceptable search volume
  • Approve the keywords
Affordable Local SEO Services Website Audit Strategy DigiVisi

Website Audit

Secondly, DigiVisi performs a website audit using software such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz and SE Ranking. As a result of using these advanced tools to scan your website, DigiVisi identifies the errors and warnings that are preventing your site from ranking higher. For example, your website could be suffering from duplicate content or duplicate page titles and descriptions.

Furthermore, the website audit formulates the priority list in terms of the pages to start optimising and the errors and warnings to address first. As a result of DigiVisi’s Local SEO Services, not only will you have full optimised pages in terms of the keywords and content, but a very high technical health score that Google loves and rewards small business owners.


  • Scan for errors and warnings
  • Removal of errors and warnings
  • Health score improvements
Local SEO Services Technical OptImisation DigiVisi

Technical Optimisation

Thirdly, the technical optimisation stage primarily involves rectifying the errors and warnings. It’s often overlooked. Despite how excellent your on-page, off-page or local optimisation is, your site needs to be technically sound to improve your rankings. On the other hand, a site can be technically sound, but the rest could be poor. As one of the pillars of SEO, it must be optimised, and it’s usually the first area to address, using the website audit every month.


  • Optimising your site for mobile
  • Structuring your web pages logically for users and Google
  • Optimising your URLs
  • Increasing website speed
  • Improving website security
Local SEO Services On Page Optimisation DigiVisi

On-Page Optimisation

In addition to technical optimisation, on-page optimisation involves using keyword research and the website audit to optimise existing content or create new content. It’s then structured easily for search engines and users. For example, the correct headings, sufficient content, less than 300 words under one heading, and so on. Furthermore, the on-page optimisation includes your images. For example, downloading and uploading the same image file with a new name to your website and Google My Business listing.


  • Optimising your meta titles and descriptions
  • Writing relevant schema markup to your web pages
  • Correct heading one, two and three tags
  • Optimising your images
  • Creating high-quality, substantial and optimised content
  • Use of keywords from the research
Local SEO Services Off-Page Backlink Strategy DigiVisi

Off-Page Optimisation

Off-page optimisation is the most critical pillar when the other pillars are optimised. It involves using previous keyword research to find blogs to write new content or edit an existing post. Both fresh or edited content contains a link as your keyword back to your website, known as a backlink. These links send power from the blogs, which improve your domain authority. Typically, the higher your authority, the higher your position in the search results. DigiVisi also offers Link Building Services as a stone-alone service. 


  • Reaching out to high-quality bloggers
  • Create a new blog post or edit an existing one
Local SEO Services Local Strategy DigiVisi

Local Optimisation

Local optimisation is crucial for local businesses. It involves manually submitting your business details to high-quality local directories. Before this is carried out, Digivisi will scan for existing local citations to avoid duplication. Then, DigiVisi commences with new listings up to a total of 160. Because the average local business in positions 1 to 3 has just 85. DigiVisi also offers Citation Building as a stand-alone service.


  • Google My Business optimisation
  • Building quality and quantity of local citations
  • Ensuring your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) is accurate and consistent
  • Helping you to secure more reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s a question you have that isn’t answered, feel free to get in touch.

What's the difference between affordable Local SEO services and cheap Local SEO?

You and I both know that “you get what you pay for.” So, ask yourself: “Am I comfortable spending as little as £50 a month for zero website ranking improvements?” If you are, DigiVisi is not for you because Cheap Local SEO means using techniques that don’t work—for example, submitting an article and sharing it on social bookmarking sites.

DigiVisi spends a minimum of 1-day per month on a client’s site, depending on the package, enabling extensive keyword research, quality content creation, and assessments of blogs that send power to your website. In other words, allow your website to rank so that you can see an increase in traffic, enquiries and sales. So, if you’re looking for Affordable Local SEO Services, DigiVisi may be right for you.

How long will I need to continue investing in Local SEO services until I see results?

Google recommends investing for a minimum of 4-months and up to 12-months. However, it depends on the business, the number of keywords, and the level of competition. With Local SEO, DigiVisi recommends a minimum of three months to see ranking improvements and 6-months for enquiries and sales.

If you’re serious about increasing your business’s sales, you need to invest. Imagine being the number one on Google in your area(s), a 30% increase in clicks, and 80% of those inquiring. What’s your revenue for the first sale? How much does a customer generate in revenue for you over their lifetime? How many times do they refer you to their friends and family? The wider revenue generation makes SEO one of the cheapest methods of promotion. Image the above outcome for over five years after you’ve completed your SEO.

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