SEO for Electricians

If you want to carry out more small electrical fixes and big jobs like rewiring, then invest in SEO for Electricians from DigiVisi. 

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DigiVisi's SEO for Electricians

If you're an electrician, whether a one-person band or a director of an electrical company, you probably want a flow of enquiries for different jobs in your area. SEO for Electricians involves optimising your website to show in the local search results in search engines like Google. For example, when a potential customer searches for "electricians [your town]", you want your website to be on the first page, ideally at the top. 

I offer all-in-one packages for electricians, which means you'll only pay once per web page that requires optimisation. For example, your homepage and each of your service pages like electrical safety certificates, electrical repair work, installations and rewiring and 24/7 emergency, if you offer them. That means your website will rank for each of your different services, and you won't need to invest in optimising these web pages again. So, you could be getting a variety of enquiries for different jobs. 

With me, you've got the option to invest upfront or spread the cost with a flexible instalment plan. So, you can increase or decrease the amount you invest every month and stop at any time if it's not working out for you. I don't trap you into a long monthly contract like another SEO Agency you've already researched. 

SEO Services for Electricians

Importance of SEO for Electricians

People usually head straight to search engines to find a solution to their problem. Perhaps, you searched "SEO for Electricians" and landed on my web page because you're not getting many enquiries, and you're sick and tired of your competitors taking most of the jobs. You see, I've optimised my web page to show you, a potential client, that I offer this service, the benefits to you, and why you should partner with me. 

It's not just about optimising your website; it involves optimising your local listings so your business is visible on the local maps. This is because you operate in a local area, and therefore, significantly helps rank your website for local keywords mentioned earlier. Ultimately, optimising your local listings give your greater local digital visibility, which, in turn, can increase your enquiries. 

It's not just a case of having Google My Business and being like: "I'm set!" There are many technical techniques to optimise this listing and Bing Places for Business and Apple Map. This has to be supported with local directories like Yelp with unique description and complete profile optimisation.

Local SEO for Electricians

Benefits of SEO for Electricians

I've highlighted that SEO for Electricians enables your website to climb higher in the search engines. This can lead to an increase in enquiries for your services. With me, you invest per page, so I optimise every page fully. This means my clients tend not to need their website optimised again. They find that their website continues to generate enquiries long after they partnered with my SEO Company

As I offer per page, I won't trap you into a contract. So, you can vary the amount you invest on a monthly basis or stop at any time. However, I recommend that I optimise at least one page a month to see improvements over time. I also offer you a rank guarantee. It means that I guarantee your webs pages will rank to the first page once the project is complete. 

SEO Services for Electricians

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