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SEO for Plumbers

SEO for Plumbers by DigiVisi

With friends and clients operating as self-employed plumbers and directors of plumbing companies, we know a thing or two about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for plumbers.

We also understand your challenges, such as being undercut by competitors for the same leads you receive from trade directories like Checkatrade.

We work with plumbers to help them develop a competitive edge in their business by using SEO to gain top search rankings on Google and the maps with your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

Become the No. 1 Plumbing Business Website in Your Town

At DigiVisi, we’ve developed a range of SEO strategies proven to rank your plumbing website to the first position for keywords that result in enquiries, known as commercial intent keywords.

For example, we would optimise your homepage to rank for “Plumber Herne Bay” if you’d lived in this Kent town.

In addition, we would create and optimise your pages highlighting your plumbing services so they also develop high rankings on search engines, primarily Google.

Our SEO goes beyond editing and creating new pages; we’ve bundled every aspect of SEO into simple packages to be confident that we deliver top results.

As a result, we can significantly improve your rankings in the organic search results, including the local map pack, enabling you to gain well over 60% of the total searches in your area daily.

Grow Your Plumbing Business

With access to advanced software, we perform extensive keyword research to identify opportunities to grow your plumbing business.

We can tell you which surrounding towns have a high demand for plumbers and create robust web pages that enable you to gain top rankings in multiple locations.

For instance, if you’re based in Herne Bay, Kent, we would look at the data for surrounding areas like Whitstable and Canterbury, then create and rank new pages on your website, such as “Plumber Whitstable” and “Plumber Canterbury”.

In addition to occupation-based keywords, we can help plumbers who want to seriously grow their plumbing business enquiry flow by creating exceptional content for all of the services they provide.

As a result, this enables location pages to perform exceptionally well on Google search results for several years.

But it also enables you to gain web traffic for hundreds of keyword variations, which makes it somewhat difficult for your competitors to compete with you on Google.

Helping Plumbers Generate a Consistent Flow of Leads with Digital Marketing

While we specialise in SEO, we have years of experience creating, managing and optimisation campaigns on various channels, including Google Ads and Facebook.

As a partner to your business, we aim to offer support and advice in all areas of digital marketing to ensure your plumbing business is promoting itself most effectively, particularly with an emphasis on return on investment.

We want you to generate better results so that you recognise us as a valuable partner to the success of your plumbing business.

Our Plumbing SEO Strategy

Connect SEO Software with Google Search Console to Track Results

Before we begin implementing our SEO tactics, we set up every client as a project on our SEO software and integrate search data provided by Google. This enables us to perform technical audits, track keywords, and evidence qualified traffic improvements.

Obtain a Technical SEO Score Following an Audit for Site Improvements

Every project starts with a technical audit, an overview of your website’s health.

It highlights errors and warnings related to speed, security, broken links, meta titles, meta descriptions, headings, etc. These errors and warnings often hinder the success a plumbing business can have on Google.

Extensive Keyword Research for Improving Rankings and Traffic for New and Existing Pages

Arguably the most crucial aspect of SEO: identifying the right keywords.

We start by talking to you, reading the text on your website, and checking out your competitors to form a list.

Using our software, we enter the words from our list into our tool to identify similar and related keywords and filter by relevance, search volumes and difficulty. We then form a new list of keywords and send it to you for approval.

Following your approval, we add all the keywords to our keyword tracker tool.

Create and Edit Existing Content to Rank for Keywords and Convert Visitors into Customers

We provide a holistic approach to SEO, which means we analyse your existing content to ascertain how well it performs for a target keyword, if it has any.

Content that is performing well is left alone, whereas content that isn’t performing well is often improved and optimised for the agreed keyword.

In addition, we upload new content optimised to rank for every agreed search term. We call these content pages pillar pages because they’ll stand the test of time.

For example, we’ll create multiple service pages where we’ve identified opportunities for you to grow your enquiries.

We focus on writing content that meets the needs of users’ intent behind their search queries and engages and persuades them into submitting their details.

Listing Your Plumbing Business to Trusted Local Directories for DoFollow and NoFollow Links

Each package includes various forms of backlinks to build your domain authority, which ultimately helps Google trust your website, so they rank your content higher.

One of the most important types of links for plumbers and other local businesses is local citations. In a nutshell, your name, address and phone number of local business directories like Yell.

We’ve fined tuned a list of 160 local citations, including relevant sites for plumbers, so that you have a fighting chance of rising to the first position because the average site only has 84.

Adding Your Website to Powerful Web Directories for Do-Follow Links

Another type of backlink is a web directory. These sites have categories within relevant sites within them, whether it’s filtered by location or trade. We add these to our packages because they pass authority to your website.

Editing Content on Genuine Plumbing Blog Posts for Quality Niche Edit Links

Some of the most powerful backlinks come from relevant blogs. Using sophisticated software, we scan the internet for a blog post about plumbing and propose an edit to the blogger.

We aim to add value to the blogger so that they make the change enabling your website to receive a strong link.

Most links we gain will point to your homepage so that it benefits most of your pages, but there are times when each link we gain is directed to a specific page that’s more difficult to rank based on competition.

Sharing Content with Plumbing Bloggers for Quality Guest Post Links

Like niche edits, a guest post sends a link back to your website or a specific web page, but instead of tweaking an editing article, we create a new one for the blogger to share on their website.

By scanning the internet for relevant blogs, outreaching out to bloggers, and persuading them to publish the article we’ve written about plumbing or the plumbing industry in general is one of the most time-intensive link-building strategies. However, these backlinks are worth it for the SEO results you’ll experience.

Our SEO Service Promise

Monitor SEO Campaign Performance

We’re obsessed with data (in a good way, of course).

As we don’t tie you into a fixed contract, we must evidence the results of our SEO.

We do this by tracking the performance of the agreed search terms so you know what position your website is in different search engines, but primarily Google.

In addition, we use actual traffic and search term data provided by Google and incorporate it within our reports.

We’re fully transparent, so you’re able to make the right decision about continuing SEO with us.

Regular Optimisation Updates and Expected Impact

Every month we make improvements to your website, but the search engine crawlers aren’t quick to respond.

While we’ll email you all the updates in a bullet point format, we’ll highly what we expect to happen, and roughly when it might take place.

Typically, SEO will take approximately 6-months to see meaningful results, but we’ve seen sites rank to first place in as little as a month. Our point is, it’s important to be patient and trust that we’ve taken the right steps to help you get there too.

Guarantee to Rank on the 1st Page within 12-Months

We aim to get you to the first position for the target search term for every page on your website because it’s where you’ll get most of the clicks.

While we (and no other company) can guarantee the first position, we can guarantee the first page within 12 months, and if we don’t, we’ll work for free until we do.

Completely Contract-Free (We Mean No Tie-Ins)

It’s never a nice feeling being tied into a contract; at least, that’s how we feel. So, for that reason, we’re completely flexible. If you decide for whatever reason that you’re unhappy with your experience or results, you’re free to leave at any time, no questions asked.

DIY Google My Business SEO for Plumbers

Most clients struggle to understand SEO due to the misinformation online from so-called experts, but you’re likely to be already implementing elements of SEO to stand out from plumbing competitors.

One of these areas of SEO you’re likely most active is Google My Business; this is the listing that helps you appear in the map pack above the organic search engine website listings.

Your Google My Business is arguably one of the most important aspects to optimise and maintain in addition to your website.

Write a Company Description

Most businesses, including those in plumbing, tend to neglect their business description. However, it plays an important role in ranking your listing to the top three.

You should aim to use the full 750 characters by writing the following:

  • Introduction to the business, including the year it started and the main purpose of starting the business with respect to your potential customers’ concerns. For instance, highlight that you aim to deliver exceptional workmanship with tidy piping.

  • A paragraph about the types of services you provide and the areas in which you provide them. For instance, emergency plumbing, radiators, and bathrooms across Herne Bay, or the county of Kent.

  • Develop trust by highlighting your reviews on different platforms, and a possible quote from recent customers.

  • Close the description with an offer, like a free quote, to potential customers to reduce any concerns, particularly with regard to pricing.

Each bullet point should be a separate paragraph containing short, easy-to-read sentences.

Gain Reviews from Customers

Every company knows that its success depends on its reputation. Nowadays, it involves gaining 5-star reviews on every review site relevant to the plumbing trade, such as Checkatrade and Trustatrader.

Google takes into account all of your reviews when determining the position of both your listing and website, so it’s important that you have more than your competitors and a higher star rating.

You could even take it a step further by asking your customers to say the “plumber” and your town in their review because it’s effectively your main keyword and will act as a super strong signal to Google, thus boosting your positions even more.

Add Your Services

Like on your website, your Google Business Listing has the option to add the services you offer. This is an opportunity to highlight what sets your plumbing apart from your competitors, as well as provide more information to Google to improve your position.

Plumbing-based companies typically ignore it because they don’t see it as a useful feature for them as they themselves don’t check the services of a business that needs its Google Business Listing. But, that’s not the point. Google is the boss, so doing what they want you to do is what will get you better results.

Link to Google My Business from all Website Pages

Every website needs a link from various different websites because more authoritative, and your listing on Google does too, but not to the same extent.

An easy backlink is simply highlighting your business address, which could be your home address, that’s in the footer of your website to your listing. This will send authority from every page on your website to your listing, thus increasing your chances of ranking higher.


Add a Privacy Policy Page

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, it has become even more important to have such a policy. In a nutshell, it explains how your business collects, handles and processes customer and visitor data.

To save you from any legal worries, you can generate a policy by searching it online but don’t copy it word for word. It’s best to tweak it to your business and make this page not indexable. Otherwise, you could be flagged for duplication.

Create a Purposeful SEO-Optimised Blog

You might be thinking, “Why do I need to write a blog?”, but the short answer is to demonstrate your expertise in plumbing, which is a ranking factor. When it comes to writing a blog, you’ve got two options:

  1. Do it properly, and your blog will be indexed (seen in search)
  2. Do it for the sake of it and waste your time and not be indexed (not seen in search)

The former is quite simple. Start typing a question into the search bar, and auto-suggestions will appear. Use these auto-suggestions as the titles, and write an in-depth article answering it. This in itself becomes a pillar page, which can drive huge amounts of traffic if done right.

To be honest, nearly every business we’ve come across with a blog did the latter, so if you do option 1, you’ll stand out quite quickly.

Integrate Reviews on Your Website to Support SEO

As you know, a review can support SEO, so it’s important to use it on every page to support conversions.

Most visitors will learn about you once they’ve landed on a page, and perhaps begin to like you based on your mission and values conveyed, but they need to trust you before they contact you.

One of the ways to build their trust is by integrating review sites on every page, so your customers’ positive opinions are shared with prospects. You could complement it by adding relevant before and after pictures on the right page.

Improve Brand Presence on Social Media to Boost SEO

You already know it’s important for your business to have a presence on social media, but it’s more than just posting in groups on Facebook or bombarding your audience with promotions. No one cares, let’s be honest!

The best way to improve your brand visibility on these platforms and support SEO is by creating relatable stories that help people understand who you are – the man or woman behind the business. There’s no need to be superficial, just be genuine.

Spend time taking good photos, writing clear and concise descriptions of the jobs you’ve been working on recently, and sharing videos of solutions to problems, particularly linking to the energy crises we’re currently facing in the UK.

Free SEO Review

We’re offering a free SEO review in video format, which highlights what you’re doing well, and the areas for improvement to drive more traffic. It’s completely free and there’s no obligation to go ahead with SEO via ourselves.