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SEO for Carpet Cleaners Cleaning

SEO for Carpet Cleaners

Are you a carpet cleaner? Do you offer additional services such as carpet repair and stain removal? Are you looking to gain more enquiries from your town or city and expand to the surrounding areas? 

If so, SEO for Carpet Cleaners is one of the many digital marketing tactics that can help you gain a consistent flow of enquiries but doesn’t cost you a penny every single time. 

If you already know that you want to optimise your website, consider our SEO Packages for Small Business. However, if you’re researching to understand more about SEO, the benefits and the drawbacks, then you should be able to find your answers on this web page.

What is SEO for Carpet Cleaners?

SEO for Carpet Cleaners is a process of improving your website against over 200 ranking factors so your carpet cleaning business can gain more visibility in the organic search results. 

In addition to the organic search results below the paid ads and map pack feature, Carpet Cleaning SEO involves improving your Google Business Profile, which also climbs into the top three results.

How Does Carpet Cleaning SEO Work?

Keyword Research

First things first, we’ll research for keywords that your potential customers are typing into Google to find your carpet cleaning services. These keywords could include “Carpet Cleaner [Your Town/City]” as well as “Rug Cleaner [Your Town/City]. 

Content Optimisation

Once we’ve agreed on the keywords, we’ll edit your existing content and add new content to meet the search intent of your potential customers so they read and see the information they want. It also means using the correct heading structure, short sentences and paragraphs, and optimised images.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves fixing all the errors and warnings linked to the technicalities of your website. This includes fixing slow page speeds, broken links, poor website security, images with viruses, and much more. Ultimately, we aim to improve the overall health of your website, so users and Google have a positive experience.

Google Business Profile

We’ll complete your profile and update it regularly so it climbs the map pack. Although getting reviews is the most important factor, we can’t get them for you, but we can give you tips and, in some cases, setup automation. 

Local Citation Building

We help you persuade Google that you’re a genuine business by creating up to 160 local citations. On average, a carpet cleaner in the first position on Google has approximately 80 citations, and we’ll create double, giving a better chance of ranking above them.

Link Building

To improve your domain’s authority so that it’s more powerful and trusted by Google, we reach out to bloggers to publish blog posts we’ve written about carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and stain removal. They publish the blog post with a link to your website, allowing the authority to pass from their site to yours so that you can rank higher.

3 SEO Tips for Your Carpet Cleaning Website

Gain reviews

Like every business, carpet cleaning businesses need customer reviews. Most carpet cleaners assume they only need reviews to persuade prospects to buy from you. Although true, it’s also absolutely necessary to rank on Google. If you don’t have reviews or fewer than your competitors, you have no chance of performing on the search engine results pages. So, it should be one of your primary marketing objectives.

Take before and after photos

Before and after photos complement your reviews because you’re providing visual evidence of the quality of your carpet cleaning service. Combined with customer reviews, interactive before and after photos persuade potential clients to go ahead with you. And, before and after images rank your website higher on Google because they can be optimised with keywords and location data.

Write detailed descriptions of each service

Most carpet cleaners tend to skip over this part and replace it with a list of services. While that can be quick for potential customers to read, it doesn’t answer any of their questions, which can lead them off your site. As a result, Google requires businesses to be descriptive about their services so that it’s more helpful to their potential customers. In return, you’ll be ranking even higher.

Would You Like A Free Website Review?

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